Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Mom...takes on Dora the Smart Mouth Explorer

So I was trying to figure out what to write. Had a couple of days where I have been a little down and a little stressed over some problems. Trying to find solutions that still seem to be out of reach. I had determined at the beginning of the year that I was going to take my blog less serious and was not going to write depressed! lol

I also decided to quite whining about my problems on my blog since really....nobody really wants to know about them and it just makes for depressing reading...and I am off my medication...well kinda...I still eat lots of candy and drink a ton of gatorade lol. And coffee...lots of coffee.

So I was wanting to write something on my blog. And Mandy My twitter friend and blog pal tried to be my muse by telling me about some new recruit for the Gamecocks football...but seriously...why would I want to write about a losing college when the UGA rocks so hawt! Go Dawgs.

So I decided to fall back on what truly is my muse. Bethanie. You know it is really kinda crazy in a way. Her mom and I were never meant to be together. Two people of opposite personalitis, intellect, interests and ideology could not be found. It is amazing we lasted as long as we did. I really don't like the woman. But no need to go there, this is not about her...it is about My babygirl.

Her vocabulary is growing so fast. And she is such a smart ass lil brat! She has this HUGE Dora the Explorer plush toy. And she has started telling me things she SHOULDN'T say..but it isn't HER saying it...it is DORA saying it.

"Daddy Dora says you should get me a glass of water."

"Really now? Well maybe Dora should go get your glass of water."

~more whispering between Bethanie and Dora resulting in Bethanie looking at me with that serious face only a five year old can do~

"Daddy Dora thinks you are mean and that it is imposssssible-ble for her to get a glass of water and you should get off your butt and get it for me."

I look at my daring darling daughter...

"Tell Dora I am gonna beat your butt if she keeps talking to me that way"

"Dora says Al rescate!"


Where does time go? How time does fly. She has gotten so big. And gone through so much. It is bad enough the poor thing is stuck with a cranky ol' bachelor dad. But she does it with so much grace and such a great attitude!

I had to sit down with her this morning and explain to her that she is Daddy's girl and Daddy's princess...but to stop going around telling everybody she is a princess because she is beginning to get a little obnoxious about it! Yes...you must bow down and worship the princess! ROFL.

So the exciting thing is that four months ago we were having problems with her and her developing her vocabulary. Now today she was trying the word "impossible" out for size which elevated her from princess to...Drama Queen! Long live the Queen! lol it was cute to listen to her tell me how IMPOSSIBLE it was to fix her bed!

I look at this little princess...and I think so often...she deserves so much more. I don't know if she needs me more or I need her more! She is truly the axis on which my world spins. In a world where for me there is no god...she is a goddess...she is my center and my balance.

Here is My Angel Bethanie and her offendsive smart mouth partner in crime Dora the Explorer!


Mandy said...

Beautiful. I will gladly play 2nd fiddle muse to someone as precious as your Bethanie. I will even choose to ignore your blatant slam at my university since that picture of your princess is so cute. This time. You must be doing something right there, dad. She is precocious beyond her years! :)

Sylvia said...

Thanks - I always love to hear about Bethanie.
Glad you followed your heart's inspiration.


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