Monday, December 7, 2009

Freedom of the Press...Denied

*DISCLAIMER* This blog is opinion. There is no attempt at a scholarly or intellectual approach to this discussion. I am merely stating my opinion of the article I have read, mentioned and/or posted.

So I was reading this article about the protests in Iran and how the students are protesting the conservative islamic government and how the foregin media was locked out of the Mall of America...oops sorry getting my articles mixed up! Also the gathering of 5000 conservatives to hear Sarah Palin's speech would control the information that came out of the clandestine type meeting...dammit all...I meant the Iranian government would control the media and the information that comes out of the protests on the school grounds from the pro reform protestors. It is hard to keep all of these stories straight, but I am trying! (yes that was sarcasm...)

The truth is that the similarities in my mind are stunning. A conservative group keeping media out so as to shape the public view to their message, means and methods. That barebones description fits both well. Now in defense of Palin and her cronies they are not attacking peole with the butts of rifles. Violence is not part of Palin's agenda and I am in no way accusing her of that.

However, the simple truth is that her handling of and attitude towards the media is very similar to that of the Iranian government. Keep the media out so that they can control the public's perception and THEY can give the real story as they want it to be seen.

I shudder to think how "informed" the American people would be under a Palin Administration.

'Nuff said.



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