Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Save the SEALs...

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This is simply bullshit. I know there are those that think I am a bleeding heart liberal and that I will always side with the extreme left on their opinions but that is simply not the case. I love this country and support the men and women in uniform that defend it and defend our rights. Yes, there have been times I have questioned the decisions and motives of military commanders, such as I did with the incident of Palin at Ft. Bragg. Yes, there have been times that I feel the self interest ofcitizens vs. military personnel have clashed at the voting booth and in preference of political parties. But that does not change the fact that these men and women are performing their duties to the best of their ability and are Heroes every day of their life. They make a sacrifice that others are either unable or unwilling to make. Their families suffer day in and day out in fear of losing their beloved soldier. These are sacrifices that should never be taken for granted and should never be sneered at.

I will not go as far as they do, to blame the current administration, that is simply emotional response to somebody they already hate, though he has yet to really do anything to them. Word is that President Obama shows them more respect in his personal dealings with those he interacts with (Marines and Secret Servicemen charged with protecting our President) then even President Bush did. But they are equally as ugly towards him as liberals were to President Bush, shrugs..it is the nature of the sharp and extreme partisanship that has developed in this country in this last decade. I respect their right to dislike Obama as much as I disliked Bush. Party lines, however, are not the issue here, in my book at least.

These SEALs were doing their job. We were not there. The detainee is alive, was not harmed, is not in ICU. Come on people, this isn't LA where some dude is getting beat with billy sticks. This was in the line of duty with an enemy, one that is an alleged killer. Has been linked to 2004 killings of 4 US Security contractors. For crying out loud. I work at an Hospital and 10 days ago a patient pretended to pull a gun and was shot by Hospital police. They are suspended and being investigated. And while your typical bleeding heart idiots are bitching about it and there are the usual questions about their previous history and bullshit but I think when it is all said and done it will come back to the fact, you act like you are pulling a weapon you get shot by the ones holding the weapon.

Don't second guess our men and women in uniform when it comes to actions on the combat field. I may question our leaders, I may question their leaders, I may question their actions in a controlled environment where they are in control and behave sadistically, but I will not question their actions on the combat field. Too much happens too fast. To second guess them is to make them second guess themselves which can only result in more deaths and injuries.

I will not get into this with anybody on either side of the spectrum. I will not politicize this. Obama haters don't expect me to respond to your bullshit trying to put it all on the administrators. Liberals don't expect me to agree with you on your view of trying to bring these men to your twisted idea of justice. This is merely a point of if you second guess them, and punish them for actions in a split second decision they have to make in a hostile situation, then you make them second guess themselves. The SEALs, the Recon, the Rangers, these people are not the guys you send after the nice enemies...these guys are out there after the hard cases...don't expect kid gloves with these guys.

I remember visiting my buddy's dad, Guider Sr., and he loves football. Everytime a foul was called (against his team of course) he would yell, "C'mon ref, let the guys play!" I say, let these guys do their job, stop calling foul, the combat zone is not the place for some stupid "police camera hunt". It is real, it is real dangerous. Let them do their damn job.



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