Friday, December 4, 2009

Protecting Palin....

*DISCLAIMER* This blog is opinion. There is no attempt at a scholarly or intellectual approach to this discussion. I am merely stating my opinion of the article I have read and posted.

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Ok..I know...I Palin Bash...but darn it all she is just too cute to leave alone! *wink, wink* lol She really does just beg for all the attention. In all fairness hse has gotten a rough handling but in all fairness to the media she really is the most polarizing politician this country has seen for some time...and like her or hate her she gets the attention she begs for...if not in the way she wants it.

So reading this article I couldn't help but get tickled at this line..."A speech scheduled for Wednesday night at the private College of the Ozarks in southwest Missouri was expected to draw a crowd of 5,000, and the school said it agreed to keep out reporters to secure Palin's appearance."

Really?? 5,000 people going to be there and in order to protect her they kept out the reporters? I am still trying to figure if this is protect her as in security concerns because reporters are so dangerous? Or protect her appearance as in Public Image...because once again reporters are so dangerous!

This is becoming almost too funny. The feud between Palin and the Elite Media. What are they worried about? Reporters with semi automatic cameras? Or are they worried about Palin getting her pantyhose stuck in her teeth trying to pull her foot out? How do you expect to win a Presidency when you can't even deal with the media at a book signing?

Now I won't hit her and her entourage for the Media Rules too hard since they were put out by the Mall of America. But I will say this...they got the idea from somewhere. She sets the image, they follow the image. If it were President Obama, the language would not be considered. They see her as the extreme right xenophobic that she is and they made the rules as they saw fitting. That is My opinion at take it, leave it or shit on it...I don't care.

As for calling her Governor...well she lost that right when she threw the position she was duly elected to, and given a mandate by the people of Alaska to accomplish and took a sworn oath to fulfill back in their face for personal and selfish reasons. She is not like the "Colonel" that retires and is still called by his rank, or the President that leaves office and is still called President . These men and women fulfill their duty and are acknowledged for completing their duty, and rightly so. She is no Governor...she is a hired hand looking out for herself...

But what I still find amusing in this article is the irony that 5,000 people can show up, the majority of which are NRA lifetime members like her (not that there is anything wrong with that...just stating the fact that they own and use weapons...that is all so don't go jumping down my throat about the NRA..I don't have an issue with them.) and have more chance, means and opportunity to bring weapons to the rally and be CONSIDERED (not that they are..geez have to spell it out for those that would love to twist my words on me) dangerous then a flock of media with their cameras and pads and pencils....yet it is the media they choose to lock out to secure "Palin's appearance". And note the words used in the sentence...the school AGREED to keep out reporters, which makes it sound like the Palin camp REQUESTED for the reporters to be kept out. TOO FUNNY!

Before the Palin camp continues this ridiculous feud, they need to realize that the blame for the "elite media" attacking poor pitiful Palin, lies more on her and her penchant to speak stupidity and idiocy than on the media doing what they are expected to do. Face it Fox is not fair and balanced, if they get an Obama Administration on it is so they can beat the shit out of them! You expect it! If CNN gets a Right Wing on it is to try to trick them into answers that suit their think they really care about their opinion? It is what the media on BOTH sides of the spectrum do! Don't blame it on the reporter, blame it on the idiot that gives them the ammunition!

Couric did not bungle that interview Palin decries so much..she did. She gave the stupid answers, Couric was just doing her job. And once again that is my opinion.



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