Monday, November 3, 2008

Things that go "bump" in th night....

Have you ever seen the movie "The Dead Zone"? In this movie staring Martin Sheen and Christopher Walken, Walken has a horrible accident that leaves him almost dead. When he recovers he finds he has a somewhat dubious "gift". When he shakes somebody's hand he can tell their future. It turns out to be 100% accurate. So Martin Sheen plays this power hungry politician set on becoming Senator. As he campaigns He comes across Walken and upon shaking his hand Walken sees a disturbing future. In this future Sheen becomes president, and facing a crisis such as Kennedy faced, he does not wait for diplomacy or for a peaceful solution, but instead, drunk wth power he sends off the nuclear missles that will bring around a nuclear holocaust and the destruction of the world as we known it. What strikes my memory the most is that as he sends the missles off aides come running up with the joyous news that a peaceful solution had been worked out. Sheen pats them on the shoulders and tells them not to worry gentlemen, "the missles are flying, hallelujah, the missles are flying".

Ever had that nightmare that won't leave you alone? You think about it during the day, you lay in bed thinking about it at night? Sarah Palin is that nightmare for me. I fear this woman like I have never feared anybody in all my life. Gov. Palin has displayed such disregard and direspect for anybody that opposes her, such venom for anybody that opposes her righteous cause that I see that picture imposed over her face everytime I see her, "the missles are flying gentlemen, hallelujah, the missles are flying."

Now right away somebody will say that I am being irrational, that there is no way somebody can be THAT stupid or THAT crazy. Well I beg to differ. Just last week, the President of the Unied States of America authorized an invaion of a sovereign country (Syria) without any respect of sovereign airspace or that nation's borders. We had an objective, that objective was in another country's sovereign airspace, across their borders and they did not grant us permission to take troops into their nation (gasp! how dare they!) so we decide that their sovereignty does not matter and we sent our men into their country and in essence invaded Syria.

Th path is set ladies and gentlemen. And unless somebody puts a stop to it we are looking at WWIII. We have allowed ourselves in our arrogance to believe that this is OUR world and everybody else just gets the priviledge to live in it. So where next? Al Queda is a moblile enemy. They were in Afghanistan and we invaded them and RIGHTLY SO after September 11th. So the enemy moved out of our reach, and the administration tells us they went to Iraq. So what did we do? We invaded, and of course Saddaam Hussein was the perrenial bad guy so it was justifiable. Now they went to Syria, and on a much smaller scale, we still invaded. So who is next? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Jordan? How many nations will we disreagard? How many borders will we violate before they band together against us, and Russia sides with them, and we find ourselves in another world war.

Am I saying that Palin is crazy enough to just go straight to the missles? Possibly, but not likely. Instead, it will be what she has demonstrated through out this campaign. A total disregard for the rights and the humanity of those that oppose her. A total disregard for everything this country has stood for. No not the radical religious bull shit she and her cronies keep trying to cram down our throats. I am talking about the ideals of acceptance and tolerance. The ideals of liberty and justice for ALL!...get that one? ALL! Not just you and your religious right, but everybody. Yes, that DOES include the gay and lesbians, yes that does include the pro-choice feminazis. It is for ALL, NOT just the ones you deem worthy of it.

So is it a far stretch to think that we could end up in a world war that destroys this nation we love? Not really. The path has already been paved by one cowboy with no regard for the sovereignty of our neigbors in the international community. Unless somebody gets in office that will show some respect for that international community, that is exactly where we are headed.

Not only is there the real possiblity of an internationl breakdown if this woman ends up in control, but there would be a huge reversal in the rights of real Americans in this country. With her in the driver's seat you would see a realigning of the Supreme Court and Roe vs. Wade would be her first priority. You would see many things in this country that would frighten you. People, make no mistake, this woman holds no regard for the rights of ALL Americans, only the rights of those that align with her and her radical religious beliefs.

I am proud of this country. I love America. I am a proud citizen of the United States of America, and I say so unapologetically. Joe the Plumber does not hold the corner on patriotism. I do not for one moment apologize for being a proud citizen of the greatest country in the world...I just believe we sometimes forget we are not the only country in the world, and as spiderman's uncle told him, with great power comes great responsiblity. And we are guilty of rampaging through the world like a pre schooler on steroids carrying a big bat and beating up the other students.

So what is my nightmare? What scares the shit out of me? What do I lay awake in the middle of the night pondering in fear? McCain winning the White House and dying (which the actuary tables are stacked against him) and Palin succeeding him as commander in chief. That woman's finger on the trigger of the greatest military in the world. That or...Palin 2012....these are things that go "bump" in the night for me. I will say this. If McCain wins the White House, I may even become a Christian again, just so I can pray to God every day that He will live to see the end of his Presidency, because there is no hope for America if Palin ends up the President of the United States of America. *wink wink bang bang* Ya Betcha!



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