Monday, October 12, 2009

Understanding myself....

So I dug this thing back up (with the help of my good friends John and Tara) and figured I would do a little writing just for the hell of it. Random stuff...non political in this case since I am kind of disgusted with the world around us and political shit that has us in this mess...just well...musings of a man that sometimes feels like he really is going mad! lol

So I thought...what to write? Hell I dont know! I like to write fiction...but that is kind of stupid for a blog...I tend to be an introvert and not really open I thought...hmmm...I can talk to myself...and yeah...did I mention sometimes I feel like I am going mad? Ever see that Samuel L Jackson movie? The Mothman Prophecies? where he runs around with nasty dread locks and talks to himself? lol yeah...if I start writing random numbers Tara....please shoot me! lol

Life has had a lot of changes for me in the last year...some really stupid decisions that led to some really crazy circumstances...but in it all I learned some things about life....about Myself and about the world around Me. I am 33 and I think maybe...just maybe...I am finally growing up...what can I say? I am a late bloomer! (not to mention stubborn as jackass!) in this thread I will probably muse on some of these experiences and changes...some are personal...and I guess it seems wierd that a introvert, private person would discuss them here...but frankly...I dont know most people that would read this anyway...and the two or three people that I do know that would read this..well...they already know I am screwed up and love me spite...because...hell I dont know which lol

So here goes a journey to understand Myself and the world around it the little voices in my head...hold on...ok they took "little" personal and told me to correct it to "big" voices....(there happy?)...


Opinionated Gifts said...

Dude, I'm nearly 48 and yet to grow up. Welcome to the club and glad you're back.


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