Sunday, November 2, 2008

48 Hours...and counting... is almost here. Can you feel that tingle in your belly. Your choice has more than likely already been made. Chances are pretty good you already know who you are going to vote for, if you havent already voted. We watch CNN and they say it is close but is a done deal, watch Fox and it is far from over and is actually swinging back to them and will end up in a McCain comeback, one more comeback for the "comeback kid", the comeback to top all comebacks.

I sit here and I shake my head. I shake my head in dissapointment. Disappointment in the ugly campaign that has been fought. Disappointment that a man I respected as a warrior will win or lose, but regardless he lost a part of himself. This fighting man became nothing more than adolescent girl scratching and biting. They say they are doing it for our Country. That Country comes first, but it is nothing more than they do not care that they tear down the very confidence in our system as long as they get the power.

The right, in their heated desire to not merely maintain their own high moral standard, wish to impose on others that same high moral standard. They are not interested in freedom. They are interested in dictating how others should live. What is so sad is that time marches on and one day it will be that same rabid crowd that will find their freedoms truly challenged. They jump at shadows and percieve their freedoms being challenged now, but they are digging their own graves...which is really sad, because one day the decay in the moral fabric of our society will reach a point that it will look at them, and just as they have showed no tolerance, there will be none for them.

I look ahead and three days from now we will know who will be our next president and his running mate. We will either have a President that has at least TALKED about uniting the Nation or we will have President that came back and won the White House by creating fear and dividing the country. I will respect the office, but if McCain wins...I will never be able to respect him, the person. He is no warrior he is a sleazebag that will do nything, will say anything just to win.

My views changed with this election. On many things. I was already a cynical person before, but now? wow dont even ask. I love my country, I am proud of My country and I am proud to be an American but I am ashamed of some of the people I share this great nation with. I am particularly ashamed of the people that will defend their preacher, but will attack another. They defend the right to freedom of speech but will attack a minister and use him to attack another American trying to serve in public office.

I am ashamed at the hateful, shameless hipocrisy of the Religious right. I was raised in the Religious Right. I was raised to believe in God. I no longer do. And that was long before this election so no this election did not destroy my faith in God. What it did do is move me from the column of "I don't believe in god but I respect those that do" to the "I don't believe in God and I detest the idea of a God" If the true God is the God of intolerance that the wild eyed cussing idiots that call for the death of another American and feel completely justified in doing so then I would rather burn in hell than live in heaven with them, because at least in hell I know what to expect.

The true message of this election should be that there is no room for intolerance anymore in this nation. Go to church on Sunday with your wife and kids, but dont judge me because I dont. Vote for your candidate but don't sit in your seat of judgement against me because I vote for mine.



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