Friday, October 17, 2008

This is MY Country too!!!!

I am sitting here just FUMING as I read the newest spout of venemous drivel from the rabies infected bitch hound of the Republican ticket, Governor Sarah Palin. I know I have made my dislike of this woman clear, but in many ways she has come to represent the intolerance of the Conservative Right that just pisses Me off and eats away at our society like a cancer of hate and division.

In her latest remarks the attack bitch stated she liked being in parts of the country that she considered more "pro America". I, like Joe the Senator, am sick and tired of My patriotism being questioned by these clowns. I am tired of being kicked out of my country simply because I dont agree with them. I am tired of the guilt trip being used to force people to see it their way. I am tired of the intolerant assholes and their bigotry meetings spouting words like "traitor" to those that dare oppose them. I am tired of that stupid woman standing and making comments like "I hope those protestors have the courage to thank a vetern for defending their right to protest" when they were actually supporters of her and McCain, as though we that are of a different persuasion do not understand that we owe everything tothe men and women in uniform. I am tired, DAMN sick and tired, of these bigots standing and saying that a Christian could not possibly vote for Obama. (if you doubt me see it for yourself ) They would damn to hell everybody that does not agree with them. they would have us believe that we do not honor our men and women in uniform because we do not agree with them. They would have us believe that we are NOT American because we do not agree with them.

I am seething with anger. I am beside myself at the arrogance of these fools. Sure...right now I am acting pretty much like them but I am fucking tired of my integrity questioned, my patriotism questioned, My love for my country questioned by pompous asses that think themselves so much fucking better than me!

Let me tell you what is the most American thing I can do Sarah Palin....the most Patriotic and American thing I can do you self righteous pompous ass is go in that booth and vote My conscience. It does not make me less American because I think you are an idiot. It does not make me less patriotic because I think you are a Barbie airhead with shit for brains and the venom of a rattlesnake. It does not make Me any less American that I am thankful for John McCain's service but ashamed that he would let you run around this country and question the patriotism of anybody that opposes you!

I will say it categorically and without apology. I love this country. I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. I believe this is the greatest country in the world. I shed a tear with my hat off and my hand over my heart everytime the flag is raised and the Star Spangled Banner is played. I honor our men and women in uniform and thank them for the service they have given this country, them and their family. If you doubt me Sarah Palin you can fucking go to hell you damn bitch; you and all the other sanctimonious Bolshevik bastards that scream hate and division at your campaign rallies. When this is all done, you will find your sorry ass back in Alaska where you can freeze your ass off and fire more people that oppose your supreme will.

To John McCain...who will never read this. I honor your service. I respect the time you spent in uniform. I am, however, ashamed that you would allow the venom your campaign has projected. I am ashamed that you would allow Palin to subvert the very rights and freedoms you suffered to protect. You should hang your head in shame to leave the political spectrum with this trail of hate and ugliness left behind you.

For shame, for shame.


Anonymous said...

here here, i so totally agree with all your words. the right wing republicans think it's ok to slam everyone that doesn't conform to their way of thinking. i too love my country but i don't always believe in what we do in the world arena. i too support the military and thank god for what they do, even if i don't believe in some of the things we get into. does that make me unamerican, hell no. it enforces the priniciples of this country, that we as individuals are free to think and feel what we choose. we all love this country and i too take exception to what she is spouting.


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