Saturday, October 18, 2008

The fat lady hasn't started to sing yet....

So all the pundits are actually talking about a "landslide". CNN is trying to figure out what to do with the"short election night". Everybody is already talking about President Obama and Senator Obama is already talking about what he will do on January 21st, despite his claims to keep the excitement in check and not get too cocky. But he, and the rest of the democrats better heed it well and take a chill pill YESTERDAY.

There are a couple things that should NOT be forgotten:

(1) Americans love an underdog. This is a fact that repeats itself over and over in our culture. We rooted for Rocky Balboa, we rooted (unless you were from New York) for the Boston Red Sox to break the "curse of the balbino". We like to see the underdog win. Remember the St. Louis Rams superhouse facing the New England Patriots? How everybody (well most everybody) was rooting for the underdog? It shows up in our movies, our television, our sports and last but definitely not least, our politics. That is one reason McCain, while nervous, is not anywhere NEAR dead in the water. He knows that Americans will often come out to help the underdog, and he is counting on it...with good reason.

(2) Americans hate arrogance, assumptions and overconfidence...regardless of the fact that those very characteristics define us. If Obama gets arrogant and overconfident, if the American people feel that he is taking their vote for granted, they will turn on him as quickly as they have followed him. It is simple. As a nation we are arrogant, we think the world is our playground and we answer to no one. I love my country. I am proud to be an American, I believe we are the greatest nation on earth and I agree with "Joe the Plumber" that we should never make an apology for being American. I say it with pride and completely unapologeticly...I am an American. However, it does not change the facts. We ARE arrogant, yet we punish arrogance in every avenue of our culture. If Senator Obama gets to overconfident and arrogant, if he makes the same mistake President Bush made and declares 'mission accomplished' before it actually is...he will lose.

(3) The sleeping monster that is not to be ignored. There is a factor that very few democrats I have talked to even consider and when I tell them they should, very few take it serious. That is the "Radical Religious Right". Do you know why W. won Florida? No...he did not steal it. That has been proven clearly enough. Sadly Democrats have spent more time whining about how he stole the election instead of realizing the truth of the matter and learning a lesson from it. And that truth is that the "Radical Religious Right" is actually a pretty lazy bunch when it comes to voting. If there is not a lot of issues they will not make a big deal, usually excusing it with "I don't have a real candidate, they are both too liberal". But if you ever manage to really and truly piss them off...THEN...dear god...THEN they will come out in droves, they will use the church vans and buses and get the vote out. Grandma, Grandpa, cat, name it...will ALL be out to vote. Now Florida may be a relatively liberal state for the south, but it is still very much a southern state, some might argue that it is even a part of the Bible belt. As Rosie O'Donnell stood on the steps of that courthouse and challenged the Right about gay rights, SHE became the face of the Democrats, and the Right got pissed and came out to vote. Michael Moore did the same thing with the second election.

Now the thing about this part of the country is that they are distrustful of the media. They see the media as their enemy. When the pollsters call they hang up, most of them not wanting to talk to the media. They are an invisible number that you cannot count nor estimate. They are a force to be recognized and respected, because when election night happens, the polls dont matter. As one of Fox News' analysts put it, the real polls are on election night. (Yes I watch Fox news too, as should you, know your opponent. Don't make the same mistake they are making and that is dismissing us.)

So how does this fit in? Obama runs a tight ship, and though some fringe people have said some crazy things He has not made the mistake of Al Gore (in letting Rosie be the face of the party) or John Kerry (letting Michael Moore become the face of the party). He has managed to escape largely unscathed from the Senator Lewis comments, and Jesse Jackson, Michelle Obama..and, hell, shall we continue? lol So who will fire up the Right? Who will piss them off enough to get them out to vote? Enter left stage an obscure idiot with enough mouth to cover her ignorance and enough venom to cover her shit for brains....Sarah Palin. Do you really think she believes Obama is a terrorist? That he promotes and protects terrorism? Do you think for a moment she truly believes all the venom she is spouting? No, I don't think even she can be that stupid. But you know what? If you repeat a lie enough it becomes believable. And that is what McCain is counting on, enough hate and venom, enough fear and threats to get that Radical Right fired up and come out to change the outcome.

Add to this the confusion they are already preparing in Ohio with the voter registration case and you have another setting for the Republicans to start another drama surrounding an election. A quick note about the voter registration drama building in has been clearly proven that voter registration is different from voter fraud....and it is voter fraud that changes elections, not voter registration. But if McCain threatens us enough with the "destruction of the fabric of democracy" and Palin can spread the lie of Obama and voter fraud, then when they lose they can whine for 4-8 years how the election was stolen. It is an endless cycle, unfortunately.

(4) Enough racism and good old fashion bigotry exists to turn this around in one resounding swing. Like it or not Billy Bob Joe will vote for no other reason then to keep a damn "n....." out of the white house. The bright light in this is that the south mostly already belongs to the Republicans so the vote of Billy Bob Joe is already counted among the electoral votes for McCain. All though, it will be interesting to see if Virginia changes hands...any way...enough endless, mindless drivel....

In conclusion, it is not over till November not get not think your vote is not not assume only makes an ass of u and me...get out and vote...



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