Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comrade Obama?

Ok...so the McCain campaign has slung so much mud against the wall, they have randomly reached into the gutter and dug for every twisted piece of convulated bullshit that they can reach into their ass and vomit on the wall. Anybody willing to take a moment and look back over the campaign Sen. McCain has fought will see a trail of wasted ideas and the random carcases of failed initiatives that represent an attempt to smear the character of his opponent. As a matter of fact, McCain has spent more time telling us why we SHOULDN'T vote for Barack Obama rather than why we SHOULD vote for him. In this erratic and random smear campaign McCain and his followers have managed to twist facts, fabricate issues and chop up half-truths into even less truths in order to connect Obama with every enemy we have faced since WWII with the exception of the Nazis...but dont worry....there are still 7 days to go!

The latest one is the only pile of diarreha of the mouth that they have managed to make stick somewhat and that is to make him a socialist and now McCain's base is seeing RED...as in communism red. What I find amusing is the way people swallow this without stopping for a moment to look around. What do you think we are living in today? Money is taken out of my check and put into Social Security, with the presumption that I will get it bak 40 years from now when it is worth less and life costs more. In the mean time that money is given to others. Money is taken out of my check and given to the poor by TANF, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and a host of other government helps. A lot of this assistance is given to people that have no intention of becoming working members of society and are quite happy to live on a handout from others. BOTH of these candidates support this govenment assistance and wouldn't dream of doing away with them. These programs are without a doubt an inescapable form of socialism. It is taken the money of one person and giving it to another. It is unquestionably a redistribution of wealth.

Let us take this logic one step further. Both of these candidates voted for the $700 billion dollar bailout. Now this one is interesting. Robin Hood took money from the wealthy and gave it to the poor. The $700 billion dollar bailout took the money of the poor, the middle class and gave it to the rich!!!! And BOTH of these guys voted for it.

Obama has made it clear that he wants to take some of the Bush tax cuts on the upper 5% of the nation and gve tax breaks to the other 95%. Now consider this for a moment. When these tax cuts were proposed by Bush, McCain said they were irresponsible, but now that he is running for president the story is different. The point to clarify is that Obama is wanting to allow tax cuts to expire that already were going to. McCain wants to continue them based on the worn out philosophy of Republicans known as the "tickle down" effect. A theory based on an unbased and unfounded confidence in big business. A confidence that they have proven multiple times that they do not deserve and have not earned. (Does Enron, AIG, Lehman, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac sound familiar?.....anything ringing a bell here?)

So Comrade Obama...meet Comrade McCain. Both of these cats support socialistic views as does every single American that will go to the polls on Nov. 4th. None of us want to grow old and not get our social security. If we are down on our luck we will aceept the assistance, especially if we have a family that depends on us, a situation in which pride has no room. If this is the case....then where lies the difference?

Try this one on for size. Obama wants to bring an end to a useless war that has dragged on, and which arguably we had no buisness in. I am referring to Iraq in case you want to twist my words and say we shouldn't have dealt with the terrorists. The terrorists were responsible for 9/11 so deal with the problem, not your oil interests or family problems that needed to get cleared up. (Meaning W. finishing what Daddy Bush started.) So Obama wants to stop sending OUR money to these other countries, while McCain is persisting in the kind of socialism that I detest: taking the money of hard working Americans and sending it around the world in useless wars that we have no business fighting. Take care of business, find a solution, make it happen, get our boys home. Simple as that. And therein lies the irony...the people shouting how they don't want their wealth "redistributed" to other Americans are quite ok with us "redistributing" it to other countries, many of which hate us and don't even know how to spell appreciation.

So who is a socialist? The both are. I say if we are going to be socialist...at least keep it here.


Anonymous said...

I wait anxiously everyday to see if something will get posted, and man was I treated today. Again I agree with everthing that is said. There has been a brand of socialism in this country ever since SS and Welfare were created. I take the time to listen carefully to what is being said by both candidates and I, being a smart individual, make my own decisions. I personally choose to believe that Obama is the better choice as he will allow us to continue to choose how we live, not be told how we live and damn you if you don't agree. So once again, here here!!!


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