Friday, October 17, 2008

Shit on the Plumber's Face

OK, before I go any further allow Me to start with saying that the plumber "Joe" or Steve...or whatever the hell his name is, probably does not deserve the attention he is getting.....good or bad. Right now the McCain campaign is complaining because the Media (presumably at the behest of the Obama Campaign) have been searching through the private affairs of the iconic figure they wish to rally their campaign around since the negativity they have centered their campaing around has not paid off so well for them.

There are a few facts that they, along with Joe (who is Steve) the Plumber (who is not licensed...not that that really matters) need to keep in mind:

(1) If you put a face in the forefront and attempt to save your campaign with it, then you should not complain when that face is scrutinized. When McCain mentioned "Joe the Plumber" 21 times at the debate, he painted a big red bull's eye on him. It was not a question IF the media would start searching, it was a matter of who would be the first. Let's face it. Fox News would love to be the first to find ALL the GOOD information they can to PROMOTE their candidate. MSNBC will no doubt look for things to discredit the icon that the McCain campaign has focused on so as to discredit the campaign and promote their candidate. It is simple politics. You put it out there and somebody will jump on it. So that they would act surprised and offended is laughable at best and ignorantly irresponsible at worst.

(2) The good plumber should know that if he had kept his mouth shut, had let the McCain campaign do their thing, he would have been an obscure face, effective but elusive. The McCain campaign accuses the Obama campaign of sending a fleet of reporters to dig into the plumber's life and use it to smear the poor innocent man. Give me a break lol...I watched the news on all the networks (including Fox News) the morning after the debate, as the plumber basked in the spotlight and hammed it up to the cameras. He put his face out there. He asked for it. If you want to be in the spot light than accept the consequences like a man. McCain's campaign should have put a lid on it EARLY on. Told him to keep his mouth shut and stay in his house. Pay his salary for a couple weeks and send him on a vacation. Obviouly they couldn't do that either otherwise they would be accused of bribing their man, but seriously the idea was to shut him the hell up. But when you have this guy that you make the face of your campaign. You make him out to be this iconic figure that represents what your campaign is fighting for. And he walks out of his house and takes questions, not only takes questions but encourages the questioning, then you are asking for trouble.

This plumber is no Admiral's son. He is everyday America and he has things that he probably would not rather get out and such. Hell we all do...I know if the media started looking intomy life and began wth the jobs I have lost, the porn on my computer (oh hush you are no saint) the two divorces, my bad credit...hell who knows what else. That is what happens with everyday Americans. We live real lives. It is why the McCain campaign can find so much on Obama, because unlike the "elitest" accusations would have you to believe, he actually HAS lived a real life like an average American. There are things in his life that are open for discusion and accusations and misinterpretations, but that is the case in most average Americans.

Now as far as the information "found" on Joe the plumber, I dont care what his name is and I dont care what he does for a living. I dont care if he has a license or not. He is the Average American trying to make a living and that is all that matters. The fact that IS relevant is that he is TALKING about buying a business but really doesnt make enough to do so any way and that his current salary would actually be more positively affected by Obama's economic plan rather than McCain's. And THAT is a relevant fact and one that should be noticed for what it is. As for the whining about the microscope on him, then Joe the plumber should think twice before he opens his mouth and hams it up with the media. You pay to dance choose your dance partner carefully.



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