Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Whom the Bells Toll

Ok.  So today I am feeling a little apocalyptic.  I have already been told (affectionately) that that is no new occurrence but rather that I am always like that…maybe so…but I have reason to feel this way today.  I know I tend to be partisan…I kind of grew up that way.  You think I am a rabid Democrat…you should have seen me as a Republican several years ago!  I have been really working hard at being “statesman” like.  I have worked hard at trying to see the gray in the world around but to be honest I suck at that.  I grew up in a world of black and white.  While I do see shades of gray sometimes it really comes down to black and white for me.  It is a failure of mine.  One I try to change.

The situation I am living in is one that encourages me to seek that balance and to seek out the gray.  Mandy, her mom and brother are all adept at that.  For them the world is all gray and there are very few (and I do mean VERY few) things that are simple black and white.  It is a trait I attempt to emulate but I fail miserably sometimes.  Today is one of those days for me.  I look at the election and to me I see the beginning of the end.  Mandy just smiles, shakes her head and I think mentally pats me on the head! Lol  I am passionate about some things.  And my utter despite that I have for the current crop of tea party right wing nut job Republicans is one of those things I am passionate about.

Now I know that this will just get tossed into the pile of ridiculous partisan bullshit and ignored.  That is fine.  Given my past writings I can’t say I blame you.  But I do want to clarify that my problem is not with the actual party of the GOP/Republicans.  My problem is with the current crop of Republicans.  The rabid homophobic, xenophobic, God Fearing, gay bashing, religious purists, racial profiling, civil rights allergic tea party Republicans are, at least to me, a terrifying group of people.  I am terrified that at the end of today, the Sarah Palins, Glen Becks, Rush Limbaughs and Jim DeMints will be fist pumping in elated victory.

So yes, I am feeling VERY apocalyptic.  Today I hear the voice of the American people.  And make no mistake; it is the voice of the American people.  That is something I understand.  It doesn’t matter that they were lied to.  It doesn’t matter that they were incited by the basest and ugliest of human emotions.  None of that matters.  The voice that spoke the loudest spoke at the polls.  Because THAT (Mr Boehner), in the voting booths across this nation, is where the voice of the American people is heard.  Not rallies, not polls and not threatening riots and filibusters, but rather at the polls.  That is where the American people spoke in 2008 when the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , (not enemy of the state number one) was voted into office by a resounding voice.  So today the voice that spoke the loudest was heard, and in it I see the beginning of the end for us all.  See?  I warned you I am feeling apocalyptic.

 So for whom do the bells toll?

 (1)       For human rights

The current crop of GOP politicians are a group of righteously indignant radicals.  They attack the rights of gays, of Muslims, of Latinos among others targets with impunity and without remorse.  Human rights mean nothing to these people.  The tea party has demonstrated time and time again that they are racist, that they have channeled their anger into a movement that is giving them what they want an outlet for their hate and their fears and their homophobia and xenophobia.  When they rally around the Confederate Flag in backwoods Georgia, people, I lived there; they are not rallying around “history”.  There is a reason people of color and other races don’t dare show up at these rallies; and that reason is simple…WE DON’T FEEL WELCOME.  For the first time in my life I am afraid of what my Hispanic name can cause.  Now for those that judge me for how I feel, for how passionate I am about these things take into consideration this question…when is the last time you went into someplace, called someplace, went into a bar or in any other situation felt the need to refer to yourself by your initials rather than your given name?

The GOP attempted to make much of the President referring to them as the enemies of the Latinos in this country.  Well news flash…I am an atheist, I am Hispanic, I support gay rights…guess what?  They treat me as the enemy.  Not only THEIR enemy but they treat me as an infiltrator, a hater of this great country and a traitor.  To them, my defending my rights from being racially profiled, my defending my right to NOT worship their God makes me an America hater, a traitor.  I have felt targeted by the Republican party, I have felt intimidated and bullied by the “angry white man” that the GOP has stirred up to win this election.  Whether you agree or not, you cannot change how some of us feel.

(2)   For Civil Rights

The bells toll for civil rights.  Do you understand how this group of people actually feel about civil rights?  Do you understand that Rand Paul believes parts of it should be repealed?  Do you understand that helping our fellow man in a tough time is considered a crime, is considered socialism, is considered a destructive force in this country.  Do you understand that these people are against equal opportunity employment?  Do you understand that they are calling for the changes to these bedrocks of our country?  Do you understand that the Republicans are running against each other, trying to make laws intended to curb the immigration problem, a problem they are blowing out of proportion so as to excite the fears of the voter, laws that blatantly disregard the dangers of racial profiling?

(3)   For our economy

All I can say is I hope I get on full time where I work before the “euphoria” of the Wall Street fat cats wears off and the economy takes its double dip into the recession…going even further into a full out depression.  Look.  I don’t agree with Republicans and Tea Party radicals.  That much is obvious.  Studies show a decade of trending where the income gap favors the wealthiest 5% of this country.  Their income is going up and for the rest of us it is going down.  They make more, on the backs of the hard working Americans, and thanks to a conservative activist Supreme Court can influence the idiots that slave away making them richer.  All the while, as they get richer, we are told over and over how we have to give them more money, they should have to pay less, because THEY are the job makers in this country.  Really?  At almost 10% unemployment you want to talk about the job makers???  I quit believing in the trickle down myth a long time ago.  Well, now the fat cats on Wall Street and in the Insurance industry can get back to business as usual, because they have people watching their back and the rest of us be damned.

Furthermore, the downfall of this economy is necessary for Republican aspirations.  Make no mistake, 2010 was merely a stepping stone.  They want 2012, they want the White House.  Call me cynical but a successful economy means they lose the White House in 2012.  They won’t take that risk.  You and I must fail for them to succeed.  And that is all that matters to them.

(4)   For Religious freedom and rights

The Republicans of today are religious purists.  There is only one faith that has any rights…their own.  If you are a Muslim then you are an enemy of the state.  If you are an atheist, then you are an enemy of the American way.  These are no grays for these people.  It is black and white for them and if we give them the power then the world will be the world they legislate into place.  There is no room for backing down from them anymore.  Make no mistake, they have made it clear where they stand.  A recent communication to the tea party faithful singled out a congressman for no other reason than he was Muslim.  Do you not understand the danger these religious purists present.  The distance from them to Milosevic is access to mustard gas and freedom to eliminate and chase out those of a different faith.  That may sound extreme, but that is the thing people are not getting…These people ARE extremists.  We are talking of people who have no problem talking about mine fields at the American-Mexican border.  We are talking of people who have talked about armed uprising and civil war with the carelessness of a child talking about the weather.  These people ARE violent.  These people ARE extremists.

I am not saying that all Republicans or people that claim to be Tea Party members are violent and hate filled.  I simply mean that the voices that are being heard, the people that are being voted into office…the people that will be making the rules are the ones that are talking this craziness.  We are NOTHING to them.  We are the enemy.  They are true Americans and patriots…we are traitors.  

(5)   For we the People

I hate that people I love and respect will read this, and will just shake their head and think I am going over board, that I am an alarmist or that I am maybe a little crazy.  I guess only time will prove the point…sadly.  This is history repeating itself.  We will not always be the great super power we are people.  Like it or no, history is scattered with the ashes and ruins of the Roman Empire , The Babylonians, The British Empire, and many many other super powers.  Our economy is our strength in this world right now.  China is working hard at catching up.  If our economy falters again we may never recover.  Already this afternoon the world looks at us and is afraid at how the republicans and their policies will affect the global markets.  Sure our markets jump with glee, the Wall Street fat cats got what they wanted.  But abroad, the people we owe money to, those people are losing faith in us, and it is already expected the dollar will weaken.  Don’t believe me? Read it here on yahoo

Remember, remember the 2nd of November…(and yes I know it is a misquote and is supposed to be the 5th but hey…I am adapting it…it fits my mood…)

P.S. I wrote this yesterday, November 2nd and am posting it today.  Since then I found out that my job is being eliminated and replaced by a computer program.  So let’s see if ANY of these idiots…asses AND elephants can do something…because while they are manipulating the system, while they are building empires and plotting take overs…we are hungry.



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