Friday, October 22, 2010

November 2, 2010: A Rant about Bullshit, Chicken Shits, Bat Shit and Dumb Shits let me first start with acknowledging that it has been a while since I have blogged....I am aware of this and would apologize if it weren't is good...and I don't have as much desire to blog as I used to.  There is also the fact that I am very frustrated with the current political situation and most of my blogs would be basically outrage and venting...and I am TRYING to avoid doing too much of that.  Having said that, I will start with a warning that this blog is a little off the cuff.  This blog is a little bit of a rant mixed with a lot of disillusion.  This blog is a dirge for what is coming and an ode to what might have been.  It is a disparaging look at the two primary parties in the upcoming election mixed with a barely disguised look of disgust at the poor alternative that we are being offered...namely the Tea Party.  This blog is equally a kick at the Democrats as the Republicans.  It is a kick in the ass and the elephant in the room....and a sincere hope that they all choke on their tea concoction.

I want to emphasize that this is a little bit of a rant.  Take it for what it is worth...which isn't much.  I will start with a prophecy of doom.  We, as a nation, are headed for disaster.  Things are bad but they are about to get worse.  The Republicans have their sights set on the White House for 2012 and they do not have much to offer, so the only way they can be competitive is to drag down the current administration...and it is about to get dirty.  Mark my words, our government is headed for a two year shutdown, the economy will only worsen, the recession we are just pulling out of will come back and it will be worse than it has been.  Disagree all you like.  Call me a nay sayer.  Accuse me of being partisan all you like.  just mark my words, write them down...and remember I told you so.

As a country we have all played a part in this mess that we are in.  Politicians are more concerned in keeping their jobs instead of actually doing their jobs.  I am ranting against four groups in particular....

1. Bullshit...The Elephant in the room.

Now I make no bones about it.  I was raised Republican.  I was raised a devout Christian.  I was raised as right wing as you can possibly get.  I lived this way for most of my young adult life.  In my late twenties I began thinking for myself, re examining my beliefs.  I am now an atheist.  I am a liberal politically and align more with Democrats than I do Republicans.  By saying that I am acknowledging that this post, and almost every post I write leans left and towards the Democrats.  So you may freely disregard everything I am about to say...simply because you are as partisan to the right and the Republicans as I am to the left.

The GOP has raised the bar on the well developed art of bullshit.  They have run a campaign on lies, fears, hate, homophobia and xenophobia.  And they have done so successfully.  Some might argue that the ends justify the means and for the GOP (for any politician, regardless of affiliation, for that matter) winning is all that matters.  Let us look at the facts.  The economy, believe it or not, is actually on the rise.  True it is slowly but in actuality the numbers are improving.  Americans, this last year, paid the lowest taxes that they have paid in over a decade, despite the fact that Democrats, historically known for raising taxes, were in power.  Illegal immigration is at its lowest mark in over a decade...a decade in which Republicans were in power for the largest part of.

However, to hear the GOP, the economy is not recovering at all (as I heard on the radio a few weeks ago it is the Democrat's fault.)  Americans are paying more taxes than ever and the Obama Administration is not being tough on immigration and as a result the illegal immigration is at a high point and crimes committed by these "fererners" is also at a high point.

In short, republicans are winning the election and they are doing so running on out right lies and gross exaggeration.  The GOP has found a way to tap into the prejudices, the fears, the hate, the homophobia and xenophobia and the darkest, ugliest emotions of the human nature and as a result they are winning.   They have presented us with all the problems...and don't get me wrong, we have a ton of problems...yet they present no real solutions.  After two years of chomping at the bits, they are eager to take the reins again and just salivating at getting back to the same old policies that put us here in the first place.  I look at the GOP and its bastard child, the Tea Party, and I am afraid.  I am afraid because there is no voice of reason.  All I hear or the Boehners, Gingrich's, Palins, O'Donnells, Pauls, and a myriad of other fools and all I see are radicals.  All I see are right wing nut jobs that have no voice of reason, no sense of responsibility.  They only care about winning.  Don't worry...I will be getting to the DNC soon enough...

The Republican Party has allowed people like Bachmann be the face and voice of their party.  If these are the people that will be leading the country...then we have reason to be afraid.  Bachmann has made it clear that the top of their agenda is a series of Congressional Inquiries.  They will bog down the legislative branch for the next two years in a clear and intentional attempt at keeping the President so tied up that he will not be able to get one single thing done, thus opening the way for Republicans in 2012.  I know...I am just being Mr. Negativity.  I know, I need to have more faith in the system.  Well...bullshit.

2. Chicken Shit...The DNC...and ass without balls....

In the movie "Pure Country" the old guy looks at Dusty, played by George Strait (who notoriously will only wear a white cowboy hat), and says, "The funny thing about that little white speck on the top of chicken shit. That little white speck is chicken shit too. "  The Democrats may try to play innocent in this whole mess but frankly they are a large part of the reason they will lose control of Congress on November 2nd.  In my opinion, the biggest fault of the DNC is being chicken shit.  The Democrats have sat on the sidelines for two years and let the Republicans and their FOX News control the entire conversation.  Their cowardice has been almost criminal.  When the Republicans throw out their blatant lies and exaggeration the Democrats have failed to speak up.  They held a confidence in the American peoples ability to see change for themselves that was grossly unwarranted.  When change is slow you have to make it clear where the change is happening.  While the Republicans have played their homophobia and xenophobia cards the Democrats sat on their asses stuttering and stammering their useless, senseless and non committing replies.

When the controversy of the Islamic Cultural Center in NYC blew up nationwide the spineless chicken shits stared wide eyed into the cameras like bloated road kill and yammered the same bullshit rhetoric right along with the radical, fascist GOP.  What they SHOULD have said is, "It's the Constitution stupid! There are no ifs ands or buts about it.  There are no maybes.  There is no "no fly zone" for our Constitutional rights."  There is no excuse for the blatant fear mongering the GOP actively used in there campaign of Islamaphobia; just like there is no excuse for the piss yellow Democrats not standing up and saying firmly that there is a right and there is a wrong and singling out a group of people based on their religious affiliation and attempting to restrain and restrict their rights is wrong.

The Democrats, as I have already mentioned, have been slow, timid and just plain chicken shit when it came to calling republicans out on their bullshit and proving them wrong with the numbers.  I will agree, change has been slow.  You cannot correct eight years of bad policy and reckless spending by a war mongering administration in two years.  Hell, you can't change a toilet in two years in DC.  The change has been slow, but it is the difference of a landscaper doing a work of change and a tornado carving a path of destruction.  Change takes time.  But in a day and time when people get married, have kids and live happily ever after in two hours we don't get that and we are angry that the President has not fixed this country in two years even thought the Party of NO has fought every step of change at every turn.

So the economy HAS been slow in recovering, but the greater point is simply actually IS recovering.   new jobless claims are bouncing up and down as opposed to the consistent downward spiral we have been experiencing for a couple of years.  Reform has come to the reckless, out of control banks on Wall Street.  For those of us with liberal leanings we have seen some progress on the health care reform.  I immediately bristle because I said for those of us of a liberal leaning...well shove it up your ass...this is our country too.  the debt is a real issue, one that began with the former administration and certainly has not been helped by this administration.  But the very people that want the deficit cut want other people's benefits cut, not their own.  In a recent poll people were very concerned with the deficit and wanted it long as they didn't lose their Medicaid, their SSI, their Social Security.  

Another area that highlights the DNC chicken shit, yellow livered, spineless tendency is the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy.  Because the radical religious right has managed to lay siege to this country, the politicians want to appease both sides.  But much like the Civil Rights movement, much like the woman's suffrage movement this is an area where there is no middle ground.  Somebody is  going to go home unhappy.  And if we are going to remain a free people that protects the rights of free people then without a doubt, the people that HAVE to go home unhappy are the biased, hate mongering, homophobic radicals that see it as their patriotic and god given duty to oppress a group of Americans and restrict their rights.  Our President claims to oppose the policy yet appeals the ruling of the court that states it is unconstitutional.  After the ruling he changed his underpants stained with the chicken shit he spewed out at the thought of the Dobsons, Limbaughs and Robertsons that were going to come for him in the middle of the night and like a true coward immediately filed an appeal.  Don't give me the bullshit that he HAD to.  He did not.  He could have let it stand.  But he chose not to.  Why? Because he wanted to appease the right wing nut jobs that hate him any way, irregardless of what he does.   When will this administration realize that these people hate him and will continue lying about him?  When will he realize that a great number of them would thank their God the very next Sunday morning if he were to meet an untimely demise?  When will he realize that there is nothing he can do to appease them, appeal to them, convince them that he is even an American, much less the duly elected President of the United States?  What will it take for him to realize this, take the gloves off and finally be the President some of us know he can be?

After the beating the DNC has taken during this election the President FINALLY came out swinging.  But it was too little too late and by then the candidates he was campaigning for were to chicken shit to even acknowledge it.  Instead many of them have distanced themselves from him and his message; a message that simply says, yes, change has been slow, yes we have made some mistakes.  But we are fighting for you and look what we have managed to accomplish in just two years despite all the partisan conflict and childish behavior and if you fire us now, in the midst of change then look at how little will be accomplished if you send these big business whores back to Washington.

3.  Bat shit...and as proof that fear trumps common sense...enter stage right...the Tea Party.

The Republicans created a monster.  Their bastard child has come back to bite them in the ass which would be amusing if it were not for the probability that we will all have to deal with these bat shit crazies.  The tea party claims to be a true grass roots movement, despite the big money that has been traced to big business, with no leaders.  This movement is long on bitching and short on solutions.  They are quite adept at pointing out the problems, and trust me, I am well aware we do have a lot of problems, but they are incredibly incompetent at offering real, sensible and tangible solutions.

And when they DO come up with solutions we come to realize how really bat shit crazy these people are.  Tea Party candidates' solutions have ranged from eliminating Social Security (as long as we don't take away their SSI or their own parent's Social Security as in the case of Sharon Angle in Nevada) to repealing Equal Opportunity (as in Rand Paul in Kentucky) to an outright armed uprising (as in the case of the again truly batty Sharon Angle.)

These people have no official leader and no official message.  The fact that they have no leader means they are not accountable to anybody.  Allow me to explain.  When the Democrats make a mistake you will find that immediately it is President Obama, Pelosi and Reid that are called to the carpet.  When the Republicans make a mistake it is their leaders that are called to the floor, usually their favorite scape goat Michael Steele.  In the case of the Tea party, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint and others can gain rock star popularity without suffering the repercussions of the idiots running under their name.  Nobody is held accountable for their actions.  This party runs from reporters out of incompetence.  They demonize the only means that the nation has of knowing what they are running on.  These cracked tea pots want to blame the questions without taking responsibility for their answers.  These candidates want the people to vote for them without even telling them why they should vote for them.  they fail to realize that harassing, demonizing and even arresting (as in the case of Joe miller in Alaska) just makes us all feel they have something to most cases their idiocy.

This movement is nothing more than an outlet for the angry white man.  It is a movement born in true frustration with a system that is truly not working for anybody except the actual politicians.  I will give them that much.  But rather than helping, they have become a part of the problem by becoming little more than a leaderless mob.

4. Dumbshits...the American voter of today is, in general, a product of an impatient, selfish and proudly ignorant fast food, soap opera morons.  They are, in short, a merging of Stewey and Bart Simpson.

Now allow me to clarify.  While that statement may seem to be a blanket diatribe, a stereotypical accusation of all voters, that is not my intention.  I am well aware of the fact that there are a lot of smart, savvy and intelligent voters.  People that vote after much study, research and thoughtful analysis.  I am privileged to be in a situation where I am surrounded by people that are smart, intelligent and much more restrained than me and my hot headed tendencies.  But let us face it...for every voter that truly prepares out there there are a dozen that vote (or don't vote for that matter) for Palin or Clinton just because they are women.  Likewise there weree an unbeliveable amount of voters that voted for or against Obama just because he was black.  American voters are lazy and ignorant.  These dumbshits will go to the polls November 2nd armed only with the quasi intelligence bestowed on them by Ed, Hannity, Olberman, Limbaugh, Maddow, O'Reilly or Matthews.  They did no research on their own, they did not spend one iota of effort or time.  They will go into that booth feeling proud of themselves as they enter and vote for who FOX News, MSNBC, CBS or CNN told them to vote for, information imparted to them as they listened in passing while stuck in traffic, cooking or eating dinner, yelling at their kids, screwing their wife or a half a million other things that were more important to them than the destiny and well being of this great country we call home.

When I speak of dumbshit voters I am referring to the idiots that think it is possible to correct in two years what took nearly a decade to screw up.  They fail to realize that the bullshitters that want to return to power were the ones in charge when all hell broke loose in the first place.  Not only did they steer us here in the first place but fought like crazy every step of the way in the progress that has been made the last two years. 

This country deserves what is coming.  The GOP will take control along with their bat shit crazy cousins in the Tea Party.  They will shut down government.  They will send bills to the President's desk that they know damn well he would never sign.  The Democrats will prove over the next two years that they are just as capable of childish behavior as the Republicans are by dragging the filibuster along painfully on every issue.  And when it is all said and done, like Rome of antiquity, it will be the politicians that we voted into office that damn us to our own self destruction.


Opinionated Gifts said...

Maybe you'll be surprised to hear this, but I agree with you 95%.

Well said bud.

Though I would not be surprised if November 2nd surprised us all to a degree.

How about a OpinionatedGift/MusingsofAMadman ticket in 2012?

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said.
It scares me to think of what may happen in Nov. and it pisses me off that politicians will use scare tactics and anything else to keep their jobs. Unfortunatly we've come to expect them to lie and the ones telling the truth seem to be bat shit crazy.


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