Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackie

Today is July 12th, and it would have been Jackie's 10th birthday. For those that are not aware, Jacqueline Faith was Born July 12th, 2000. She died 2 months later. Is odd, the memories are still there, and the pain, when I take the time to stop and dwell on it still hurts like it was yesterday. But, while time may not heal all wounds, it certainly does ease the pain. So today I am not going to cry, am not going to dwell on the past...I am looking forward towards the future...and while I am sure there will be days I will look back and cry...for today I just want to smile at the memory...and just say...Happy Birthday Babygirl...and...I miss you a little...


Mandy said...

I cannot imagine the pain.
Add to that the tumultuous day you have had at work and I don't know how you have managed not to cry, I have tears in my eyes for you.

I wish I could hold you tonight.

I love you.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sorry for your loss - I can't imagine how painful it must be, but I'm proud of you for choosing to remember the good instead of focusing on the sad.


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