Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shall we play "Who gets to be the victim"?

Read Article: Pope's preacher: Benedict's critics akin to anti-Semites

One of my biggest issues with churches in general is the constant need to be the victims. I have mentioned this on occasion on my blog and will continue to "preach" this theme. Churches control the vast majority of politics, economics and culture around the world and in the USA in particular. In this country a woman's right to her body, a person's right to choose whom they love and marry and share their life with and a myriad of other personal choices are held hostage by a vocal religious sector of the population that manipulates the government to crush and subdue the rights of others based on their own religious and personal moral values that they wish to force on others.

Yet somehow, when you hear these people talk...THEY are the victims. THEY are the ones being persecuted. And the thing is...their Bible promotes this attitude. The Bible says, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." (Matthew 5:10-12) It is something to be desired. Persecution is what makes them blessed, gives them the kingdom of heaven and identifies them with the heroes of the faith, the "prophets".

Here is the catch. There is an oft ignored word in those verses...falsely. If what is being said about you folks is true, then you lose brownie points! If you really are an asshat, douchecanoe bigot then you don't get brownie points. If you spread hate and malice and racism you don't get brownie points.

And to the thug wearing the crown in Rome...if you are an accessory to raping our future, covering for the pedophiles that raped, abused and violeted children then you ass wipe don't get brownie points! (yes I did just call the pope an ass sue me the fucker pisses me off!) If you cover for these animals you do not get to identify with the "prophets", you do not get to be "blessed" and you do not get to play the victim act.

Easter week was less about the "birth" of "Christ" and was more about the virtues of a thug that the leadership of the largest religious organization in the world should have known better than to put into place. In the week that should have been the Vatican's highlight of the year every person that spoke had to speak about the "Vicar of Christ" instead of the whole point of all the facade, heir "Christ". If you have to spend more time defending the actions of your leader than promoting your message then you are failing, simple as that.

Now to what REALLY burns me up. The audacity of any member of the Catholic clergy to DARE compare Pope Benedict's "suffering" to that of the Jews that have suffered under anti semitism. Of course, this comes from a religious organization that accused the Jews of being the killers of the Jesus (until what? the 1960's?). The Nazis, with the encouragement and blessing of the Roman Catholic Church, killed the Jews to the tune of 6 million while screaming "Jesus killers" and to have the sheer audacity to compare the sufferings of Thug Benedict to that is sheer ignorance and an arrogance of epic porportions!

NEWS FLASH! The Vatican and the pack of dogs running it are NOT the victims. The priests and bishops around the world, rallying to the defensive call like bitches on a hunt are NOT the victims. It is the hundreds of people that placed their faith, trust and confidence in these thugs and criminals only to be raped, beat and abused that are the victims. It is the masses, literally millions of people, held hostage by pedophiles and thugs, fearful for their soul's salvation if they speak out against the atrocities, not only getting to sit there in silence and bear their children, their friends and their neighbors recieving the abuse but getting to PAY for it every week as the coffers of a den of snakes get filled with the hard earned money of the very victims they are bullying and abusing.

I know this was one voice that made this comment and the Public Relations of the Vatican quickly jumped to distance themselves. Much like the lawyer that makes a comment only to have it "stricken from the records", but it has already been said, the jury has already heard it, the wheels are already turning, influenced by words the record says were never said but in reality are already out there. We are not all sheep. We are not all fools.

Pope Benedict and his gang of curs are not victims...they are criminals...and they will not inherit the kingdom of heaven because me, the media and the world have the courage to stand up and say what is the truth because it doesn't count if it is the truth.


Sylvia said...

lol not that you are commassionate about hte issue at all.
good for you - glad you are speaking up

Will Shealy said...

I agree with you in some ways. But J, don't lump all churches into one category. Did yo know that I can become an openly gay preacher in the Lutheran Church? And that's not the only denomination.

Lumping all churches together and lambasting them as having one view and one agenda is the same as lumping pagans, atehists and "faggots" in one boat as the Southern Bapsists are oft want to do.

Tolerance needs to go in all directions. I can't stress this enough. Otherwise we will never get anywhere.

Darkwulfe said...

Will...I admit that on my blog I am quite passionate about this kind of thing. However, I live by what you have said...I have to really all my family and friends fit the exact role of what I rage against on my blog. I am forced to be much more accepting then they ever will be. On my blog, however, I am a little more passionate about it and can speak my mind freely which is why I am a little less...accepting and tolerant on my blog I is me venting most of the times lol


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