Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The RNC plays the race card....

Just when I thought I wouldn't have something to blog about today!

So the news this morning from the embattled RNC Chairmen, Michael Steele, is that he an Barak Obama have something in common after all....they are black. I know. A shock huh? Reminds me of the tweet by @Jayman3768 in total (insert sarcasm here) shock that our President is *gasp* black. What I find humorous about this story is that the Rethuglicans are constantly accusing Democrats of playing the race card. They say that Democrats are hiding behind President Obama's skin color and that anytime they question a decision of the President that the liberals instantly want to play the "race card". They go on and say that even the President tries to hide behind his race, even though the President has done everything he can to down play the race, making it clear that he is the President of all Americans, not just African-Americans, and the Rethuglicans take that statement as some twisted affirmation that he is hiding behind his race.

Tea Party "Patriots" are constantly going after the President's race, their signs spewing messages of hate that have not been seen in public in decades. They are angered that a black man dares to spend their money on strip clubs...I am sorry...mixed up the two African Americans there in a temporary moment of confusion. I meant to say that he spends their money on Health Care for their fellow Americans. These paragons of the American Spirit make no qualms about attacking the President's race and then the audacity to be offended when we accuse them of racism, saying that we are just hiding behind the race card.

So imagine my humor when I came across this article where the embattled chairman of the Rethuglican Nazi Chapter (oh I am sorry...totally confused again...) let's keep it simple....the RNC...facing criticism for his handling of the RNC funds and the embarrassment of what is being dubbed "bondage gate" (which is soooo hilarious coming from the party of up tight right wing self righteous dip wads) went so far as to say that he and the President have something in common, they are given less room for error because of their race. According to the interview 71% of the Rethuglican leadership want Steele gone and according to Steele have wanted him gone since he took the job...which apparently was given to him by the 29% that frequent bondage strip clubs!

Here is another fun fact, the only public figure of the Republican Party to come out and defend Steele is the Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. You remember Newt right? The leading voice to impeach President Clinton for Monica Gate? (or whatever gate they called that scandal) Only to eventually resign in shame for his own little dabbling on the side. (Funny how that whole karma thing works huh?) Birds of a feather?

Given Steele's record on spending the funds of the Rethuglican Faithful, the White House's response to the Chairman's hiding behind race was quite humorous, "White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called Steele's racial aside a "silly comment to make" and quipped, "I think Michael Steele's problem isn't the race card; it's the credit card."


Opinionated Gifts said...

Here's the funny thing to me about this.

What Steele said, I feel, is true. And the way he addressed it was pretty much on the money. What he basically did negate statements he'd made in the past about race not being a factor, criticizing Obama for pretty much saying exactly what Steele said, "It's a fact, but you handle it and move on"

Classic of the Republican Party, trying to have it both ways.

You guys stay classy.


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