Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Letter to a Christian...

So last night as I was at work, it got REALLY slow at the hospital so I was browsing the net and doing some research for a future blog and came accross this website that was discussing whether or not the Founding Fathers were Christians (doh! a no brainer!) For me this has never been a real question. The real question is whether they intended to found this nation as a "Christian" nation or a free nation, but I have covered that in another blog. So I decided to send the author an email, nothing really incendiary, just a couple of questions...below is the letter:

I read your site and found much of it intriguing. I did have this question. If this is a 'Christian' nation as you and many others describe it...then where does it leave Me? I am an athiest. Where does it leave the Jews? Where does it leave the muslims? Buddhists? Native Americans? Are we then not Americans?

You may say we are Americans, then I ask this...are your rights and your views above ours? Are you entitled to more rights in a 'Christian' nation? Because George Washington was a Christian, does that mean that your views are right and your views entitle you to what is known as "Christian Priviledge"? Should the rest of us stand by silently because you want to cram your faith down our throats, and because you want to take our children and turn them into your disciples forcibly if you must?

I do not say this with hate or malice...I do say this as a simple truth...

so to reiterate...2 questions...

If this is a "Christian" nation

1) Does that make the rest of us "not" Americans? or less American?
2) Does that entitle you to more rights because you are a Christian in a Christian nation?

Simple yes or no answers will do...your rhetoric means little to me. I was raised an old-fashion, fundamental, independant, King James ONLY Baptist. I was a minister at age 26 and now a professing atheist. Nothing you say will be new to me. What I am interested is in finding one Christian conservative with the nerve to give a straight yes to what they practice...and preach...and that is that you are entitled in this country because you are Christian.

I dare you to be the first one with the nerve to admit it.

Musing Madman (Julio)

As of this morning no response...not sure I will get one...if I do...I will post it here..


Will Shealy said...

I've found the adage that honey catches flies better than vinegar to be the best philosophy when approaching those whose views vary so wildly from yours - or from logic itself. I do completely agree with you on every point you made, but if you come across as "on their side" in the beginning and start a dialogue, a confrontation is far more effective.

That said, I'm guilty of doing the same thing. I knee-jerk kick when I see sites and blogs that are either hateful or exclusionary to anyone other than them. But I have to ask myself - am I guilty of the same thing?

I'm not saying you are - I just know that I've done the same thing before and have had my comments deleted before anyone else had a chance to read them.

Again though - I agree with you completely and totally.

Darkwulfe said...

Well there was no place to actually comment on the site so I did so in email which means he probably deleted the email, and more than likely will not even respond. And was a knee jerk admit it.

Guilty! rofl

Opinionated Gifts said...

Good luck with that. I'm not optimistic on your chances of a response beyond a "sincere" attempt to bring you back to the fold.


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