Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WARNING: Angry Post Ahead

*DISCLAIMER*This will be an angry post. It will be laced with much profanity and insults. This is the only polite paragraph you will read in it. I have this disclaimer because I have friends and families and possibly a few followers who are conservative republicans. I warn you I am about to say some very nasty ugly things about your species. Since it is the penchant of the right to become victims in their cause I am advising you in advance to NOT read any further than this paragraph. On this blog I can and do say whatever I am thinking or want to. Usually it is comedic and engaging. Today there is no passive aggressive...today it is full out emotional anger and insult. Should you decide to read further, you do so at your own perile, and I will not be held responsible for any hurt feelings or broken friendships. I warned you politely...and in advance.


There...now that I got the formalities out of the way...FUCK THE GODDAMN RETHUGLICANS! A travesty occured yesterday, and the people of MA are too goddamn fucking stupid to realize it. I predicted the Rethugs would play this game for 2010...but they got a headstart at it and have made no fucking bones about the fact that they have absolutely no intentions of even attempting to work with the president. Obama could present a bill to feed little orphan babies and they would vote against it. The rethugs are gearing up for 2010 and filibuster is the new word in DC.

Well..FUCK THEM! The last time our country had a balanced budget was under a Democratic President. President Clinton may have been inclined to an occasional blowjob, but then what man isn't? And what the hell does that have to do with anything other than a few self righteous judgemental freaks dabbling into somebody's sex life which is none of their freaking business! But then that is what the radical religious right does best right? Dabble into other people's sex life, hence why a balanced budget falls into third or fourth priority as opposed to the "real" priority of gay rights and abortion rights...which when you think of it are all sex related! So the self righteous pricks have their priorities all fucked up anyway!

People are so fucking stupid! The voters in MA said the American people should take back their money...HA..are they fucking blind? Or just goddamn stupid? Hasn't 8 years of a fucking retard war mongering bitch boy taught us where the American people's money goes??? While we bomb the world and tank our own economy the fucking same asshole rethuglican politicians hand our money over to big business, oil companies and insurance companies. Way to go MA fucktards! Way to have a real grasp on reality.

And a fucking Tea Party Mad Hatter? Are you fucking kidding me?? Fuck him and his 200,000 mile green working man's truck. Are you naive enough to think he is gonna be 'ol poor Abe Lincoln trotting off to DC as a working man representative of the people??? No shitheads...he will be riding the limos just like the rest of the fucking politicians. The old green working man truck that he used to make complete idiots out of you naive fucktards is gonna get a real good rest! While he goes off to DC to do his part to destroy any chance of a president that is actualy TRYING to do something for the economy other than thinking he can fix OUR country by bombing others!!!! He will go and protect the insurance companies and the fucking rich doctors that do nothing but gouge you, the working man! Protecting the working man??? FUCKING BULLSHIT!

You may ask why I am so angry. Simple. We will see the filibuster become the new game in DC. They do not give two shits about this country or the state of this economy..FUCK they are the ones that put us here. Their game plan is NOT to do a fucking thing for this country, their plan is to shut down the President so they can take over big time in 2010. They want to fuck the president over and to do so they will fucking sell the rest of us down the drain. They are not even pretending otherwise. So that they take things over in 2010, President Obama becomes a lame duck they can get pushed out of office next presidential election and then we can go right back to fucking the rest of the world around us.

Well you know what would be classic? What would be funny as shit? That every Democratic member of the establishment in DC just stand up and wlak out...tell the rethuglicans...fine! You made this fucking mess...and the American people don't give two shits about cleaning it up...YOU FUCKING CLEAN UP YOUR OWN GODDAMN MESS!

The Democrats balanced the budget and had a fucking rocking economy, the Rethuglicans fucked it up, handed it over to a Democratic President and now less than a year into his presidency it is the Democrat that is responsible??? How fucking naive are you??? You can't get a toilet fixed in Washington in a year and you want the economy fixed? People have no fucking clue how our system works. They are impatient and used to McDonald making them smile in under a minute...well asshole...here is a news alert...IT DON'T FUCKING WORK THAT WAY!

I swear, I am not ashamed of my country, but by god I am ashamed of my countrymen sometimes. And MA, you fuckers are idiots....complete and totaly fucking idiots...thank you for selling us all down the drain...may the groundhog grant you a 1000 more days of winter buried to your frozen noggins in snow!


Opinionated Gifts said...

As far as I'm concerned you're not wrong on any count.

Anonymous said...

A good angry rant. I like. I need to do that disclaimer thing. Then maybe I wouldn't have to bother with the split/dual blogging identity thing.

But regarding your blog, the quickness of either side to blame the other side is incredibly frustrating. The Republicans and the Democrats want to pretend that they aren't both getting paid by the same lobbyists. And it just isn't so. However, I must admit, the Democrats seem to be quicker to admit that there is a problem while Republicans seem content with their heads crammed up their...sandboxes. :)


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