Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is in a name.....

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." ~Juliet~

A name...let's be honest...a name can be very important. Remember when you were pickng out the name for you kids? Guys are thinking what ounds cute or cool...women are thinking of all the way that it can be shortened to some cruel nickname that will have them tormented in a misguided attempt to protect their child from future torture. Those names they toss around and reject because they would be too much torment for their darling children end up on the birth certificate because mom falls asleep and dad thinks it would be a cool practical prank!

Seriously! Some of the names I have seen are just cruel!

Names that make no sense. I work in registration at a hospital. Now let me first say this and make it 100% clear. I do not have a racist bone in my body! I am hispanic and I do not see my race any better than any other. I am proud of my heritage and I feel everybody should be proud of theirs. I do not play the race game in any way shape or form. Having said that, I asked my friend Christina what is it with African Americans and their names????? BEGEEZUS FING KRISTOS!!!!!! Do you guys take a bag full of scrabble letters shake it up, blind fold the dad AFTER he is drunk as SHIT from celebrating the babies birth...toss out the letters tell him to pick 10 letters and randomly put them in what ever order his drunk ass can put them and EUREKA!!! Another name has been discovered!!! I try and try to repeat these names but, unfortunately, there are many things my tongue can get into...but some of these names are outrageous!

Then there are the movie stars and song or singer names. Take me for example...My Dad thought it would be funny to name me after the Simon & Garfunkel song "Julio and me down by the school yard"! Yeah...really scared me for life! Of course somebody always thinks I was named after Julio Iglesias...which I tell them I have the same name..except I am better looking and have a better voice...unfortunately he got all the fame and fortune! Then there was my Brother whose middle name is Jesus...omfg! Who were they kidding?????? I talked to a customer one time named Indiana Jones...a lady I might add.

And then there are the jut plain CRUEL name combinations...can you imagine talking to Harry Balls? Or Dickey Short? I have...NO SHIT! I am not making this UP!!!! Can you imagine those two on the same high school foot ball team???

Announcer: And there goes the QB Number 00 Harry Balls deep in the pocket as he calls for the play...The snap is caught...there goes the WR Dickey Short running fast, he is a quick one! As He makes his way down the field Harry balls goes DEEP to Dickey Short who makes the catch...AND HE SCORES!!!" Yeah...not pretty for sure!

And can you imagine those two guys in high school???? It had to be torture!

So what is in a name? That depends on your parents...and just how crazy they wanna get with it! So what's the craziest name you ever heard? Post a comment and let me know!


Nicole said...

I've seen some crazy names too. I have to admit the MOST unique/beautiful name combo I've seen is Tuesday Ireland. I love it!

When I named my son I got a lot flack. People either LOVE it or HATE it. Either way, his name is Xander. No, it is NOT short for Alexander. His birth cert says Xander. People either cringe or clap. Some people call him Alexander thinking I'm using Xander as a nick name. His nick name is actually Xan. Btw, my hubby's middle name is Jesus. His family is Cuban.

Sylvia said...

haha Julio - another witty blog.
The craziest names I have seen are unpronoucable and spelling? Would anyone notice if they were misspelled?
Funny Nicole, I have named my daughter Alessandra - only because after having two boys I did not want her name shortened to Alex.
I did not work! She is mad because it's not a run of the mill spelling - so she calles herself Mel. And those who "know" her name still call her Alex.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name isn't that weird. Unusual, but not funny or weird. Her name is Jael E. Walker. Notice anything about her initials? Yeah. J.E.W. Her father is Israel. Her mother is Rebecca. We are both dark haired.

We confuse people a lot.


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