Friday, January 15, 2010

Quit while you are ahead...

SOOOOOOO....I had asked for your help on deciding when to trade in this lottery ticket for another one and hopefully win. The votes came through and Thursday was the big winner! By 42%....just a little lower than President Obama's Approval ratings and he seems to be doing a fairly damn good job in my book so I figured the odds could be worse! (Sure that is a red herring argument and is totally unrelated and screwed up logic but I was doing every thing I could for that little boost of confidence!)

So I got out of work and got in my car hopped on I-24 to I-75 south took the first exit and went into the gastation right there on the left. I walked up to the lady at the counter and explained my dilemma to her and told her that my readers had voted tonight the night and I needed to purchase a ticket with the free ticket. She was good natured about it and takes the ticket and scans it. Then she asks me..."So do you want the same ticket or a different one?" HUH? I gotta pick the ticket too!? So I said...You know what? Lady Luck likes pretty ladies so you pick it out for me. Good choice right? So she picks it out and hands it to me and I scratch it off is the end of the world as we know it! I WON TWO DOLLARS!!! NO SHIT! I really won two ddollars! I was pumped! This whole getting others to choose really works!

Then it is at this point I blew it. The lady asks me...Want to buy two more with those two dollars? What the hell! I am feeling luck at this point so I tell her, Hit me again...yeah feeling all Vegas here! So she pulls two more and hands them to me and it is here I learn a valuable lesson...Quit while you are ahead. Yeppers...I could have had a cup of coffee or a coke...but nooooooo...I had to go for the two more chances at the 10,000 dollar prize and I ended up with two pieces of wasted cardboard (or whatever they make lottery tickets out of!)

SO, lesson of the day for me is...Quit while you are ahead!

Thank may now go about your business! lol


Mandy said...

Although is $2 really that far ahead? I think you did the right thing, for what it's worth. I would have traded it in for more tickets, too. As a whole, I try to just stay away from them.

Opinionated Gifts said...

Did you have fun at least? That's what counts. Especially for two bucks.

Anonymous said...

You got the pleasure of scratching the tickets. Probably wasn't worth $2. I think $2 of bubble wrap would probably be more fun. I think bubble wrap on an airplane would be great. For me. Not for anyone else. I wonder if they'd make me stop? Could they? Can they stop someone from just being annoying?


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