Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help My Luck!

Ok. My luck sucks! seriously. And no I am not whining about life! I am talking about winning drawings, lottery tickets and scratch off tickets. If you look at the rainbow...the pot of gold is on one end and wherever the other end is...hundreds of miles away...exactly wherever I am! On the luck-o-meter you have the elves and leprechauns, ranking high on the list...on the other end you have a small English bulldog, wearing an eye patch, missing a leg and his left nut...and just below Lucky...you will find me!

Because I am an honest person, I recognize this fact and stopped buying lottery tickets, raffle drawings and scratch off tickets...no sense throwing away perfectly good money just so this little punk elves can dance around in green fields of clover with my loot in the middle as they snicker at me and my idiocy! However, this Christmas, my boss, obviously not knowing the terrible depth of my luck, gave all of us a couple of scratch off tickets to try our luck. You can imagine my disgusted look at these tickets and despair at another wasted attempt to win some daggum money!

So I sat at my desk, checked to be sure my clover was in the right pocket, kissed my rabbit foot (ew), checked the mirror to be sure it hadn't been broken and prayed to the saints, the goddess, God, Mohammed, rubbed the Buddha belly....grabbed my lucky quarter and scratched it off. To my surprise, I WON SOMETHING!!!! YES! My luck is starting to look up and maybe I have some hope....the bad news is that it only gave me a new set of worries because what I won was....another free ticket!

OMG the cruelty! I have to take another stab at this luck thing to win anything! And I gotta tell you, given my track record this thing is NOT looking good at all! So now I have to agonize over when and where to buy this ticket...this is not something that can be taken lightly....hey...I need the money! Plus it is not helped by the fact that I live in Georgia and work in Tennessee and this ticket is a Tennessee lottery ticket. So I can only buy this on the days I am working since it is a 45 minute drive to work...

So I had three parts of this decision to take into consideration...Where? When? What time? Now the where is important because, you know, all those gas stations sell the same tickets but only one of them has the winning one up for sale when I walk in those swinging glass doors....yes sirreee!...so I must be sure that I pick the right one at the right time. Speaking of time...do I go before or after work...timing is also very important because I have to be walking in the door just as that winning ticket is up!

Well I have agonized over this since Christmas and have settled on doing this on my way home from work and at a gas station just off the interstate. yes, it has taken me this long to come to that conclusion. So that leaves one more item I can't quite decide on...what day? As it stands right now I am scheduled to work Sunday and then Wednesday through Saturday...that is FIVE days to choose from. I have to get it right...and well...I just can't decide...so I have decided to turn to you guys in hopes you will give me some insight on what is my lucky day. I have put together a poll and would like some help on deciding which night I need to buy this ticket! Also if you are gifted n communicating with the spirit world, have some talent with an ouija board, know how to read palms (well guess that one will be hard to utilize) understand something about the alignment of the stars...and think my choice of the gas station and time are wrong...feel free to tell me which gas station in Chattanooga, TN I need to go to and if before or after work in a comment.

Also, feel free to get your psychic friends to check out my blog and vote...Sunday morning I will take a count and read all your comments and follow your sage guidance! The poll is on the left side of my blog at the top. And because I am spending sooo much time agonizing over this decision I can't take the time to figure out how to make the black font a different color so you can see it! So you will have to highlight the options so you can pick one!

Thanks for your help!


Sylvia said...

lol lol lol thanks again for another great entertainment.
I have voted of course - searched my intuitive gut - meditated (while laughing) - and voted.
Please take into consideration though that my luck is EXACTLY as yours!

Sue said...

I think I have some answers. What if you changed how you look at the whole situation. Instead of thoughts of not being lucky. Affirm that you are the luckiest man alive. Our thoughts create our outer world. When we focus on lack or what it is that we don't want or confirm that we are unlucky we get exactly that. What happens is we change the energy around the situation and actually attract what we do want. I'm not saying that winning the lottery is in your future. The benefit to this new way of looking at lack will actually attract what you want to have happen. It will come, not on your time table but it will come to you. An example of this is when you have a bad day. You wake up grouchy and things start to fall apart and you get even more grouchy and carry the negativity with you all day. Most everyone's day spirals more negativity. If you have a day like that you can realize that you don't have to have a whole day. Just change how you think about it. I wouldn't tell you this if I haven't experienced the upside of changing the way you look at things. Great post, Thanks for sharing and allowing me to give you my thoughts on the subject.

KimberWitch said...

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Star said...

Ok after going over the options and being my luck is even worse than yours I say Thursday. Friday is out because it set you up for bad start to the weekend. Sunday is out because it's a horrible end to the weekend. Thursday is Mikeys is Mikeys infusion day and those are usuLly good days and you have time to get over it before the weekend gets here lmao :) good luck and oh btw I get 50% of winnings for my ever so insightful opinion HAHAHAAHA

Mandy said...

I would say see how it goes. Each day, on your way home, see how you feel. Then go with your gut. If, by the last day, you haven't felt any "luck" then just pull in and buy one and get it done! :)

Love your writing...so entertaining!


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