Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I sit here on this crazy December 30, 2009, it is almost 3am..and my insomnia is kicking in full blast I yawn, but am not the heck does that work? It is kind of crazy. I don't know what to blame...the headache? Thinking too much? Is it rally insomnia? You know, I have never been tested for do they test for that anyway? They sit there and stare at you and if you fall asleep then you don't have it? If you are up all night chewing on hot pockets and playing WoW you have it??? I used to sit for hours in the dark and shuffle a deck of cards...does that count? I have a friend that works at a sleep test facility and they have little bedrooms with bathrooms and all...gotta have a bathroom... a guy like me has gotta piss a couple times a night!

So what do you do take care of insomnia? I always think of the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch that stole Christmas. You remember where the people are singing and the Grinch can't keep them out of his head no matter what he does? So he yells...MAX FETCH ME MY SEDATIVE! comes the trusty little reindeer dog with a big mallet which the Grinch promptly uses to hit himself over the head and knock himself out with? Yeah...I can see this plan working out nicely!

So the benefit of being awake at 3am is that though I have seen that movie a hundred times, and though I have laughed at that scene over a hundred times...I can still find it completely hilarious at this wierd hour!

Ok so there goes a completely meaningless blog...about..nothing..wait..about insomnia...or was it about the Grinch? The bathroom? Heck if I know...heck if you care right?


Anonymous said...

my love my comments about this is that i all ready told u is really beautiful story that u have such a wonderful time with u baby god bless u that u are a good daddy take care.


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