Sunday, December 27, 2009

Equal Rights for Fathers...the Fallout Part II

So one of the mods added to the discussion...

Julio admits not being a good dad when he lost custody. MANY dads are losing custody who were great fathers. Some were the better parent, even the stay-at-home parent.

I appreciate your post, Julio. But it does not cover it all. Telling all dads to look in the mirror is the same as blaming all of them. I find that insensitive.

But who am I to say we should care about people who are grieving? Oh yeah, people like Jesus and Mother Theresa said the same thing. Maybe, just maybe it's the right thing to do.

I responded...

(mod name),

I guess maybe I failed to make it clear in my post. I believe the first step is to look in the mirror and see what can be improved. That goes for fathers or mothers. I admire you and anybody else that has no room for improvement. I for one see room for it in every aspect of my life. It is merely the first step. In a system that is already biased against us, we have to take the initiative and remove all obstacles that may prove that biased system right. In comparison to my ex, I actually WAS a better parent. Which is a sad statement when I see so much I needed to be a better parent in! I am truly sorry if you I made statements seem to be as judgemental....and far be it from me to argue the words of Jesus and Mother Theresa! lol



Anonymous said...

What an interesting discussion you have going on. I find forums to be less than ideal for quality communication. In normal conversation, you would see someone's face react to a statement and you could address it right then and there. Instead, they have to respond and while it might have been a minor thing if caught early on, it becomes more serious if their misunderstanding is applied to everything else you said.

You do a great job being respectful and keeping it light-hearted. Of course, this comes from someone who is usually the one getting ganged up on in the forums so I might not be the best judge of what works in forums and what doesn't. Best of luck to you.


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