Monday, February 28, 2011

And the insanity continues....

Ok.  I am just going to tell you...I am incensed. I had little use for Gov. Nikki Haley when she was running for governor, when she won the election and when she took office, but today she just sank to a lower depth in my book.  Everything about her just irritates me.  The fact that she was Sarah Palin's pick and was backed by the Tea Party did not help things to be sure.  However, her comments in the below video about Wisconsin and the union busting GOP there are so ridiculous, so unprofessional and so hypocritical that it is mind boggling and baffling.  The comments I am speaking of are early in the video so you don't have to watch the whole thing unless you are just a masochist and enjoy the punishment of senseless dribble from idots in which case feel free to watch the whole thing, providing you can spare the brain cells that will be destroyed every time this bimbo opens her trap.  My comments will be after the video.

Hard choices?  Cowards? Thrown out of office?   Seriously????

First off there is the debatable contention about the budget deficit in Wisconsin.  There has been a lot of question on whether or not Wisconsin is actually in a budget deficit and whether or not the ONLY way they can fix it is by busting the unions there.  The recent call by the blogger pretending to be David Koch did not reveal a lot policy wise and did not provide any dirt that could be used but it did bring one thing into highlight...the GOP is still and always has been in the pocket of big business.  The Koch brothers bus their tea party minions in from other states so as to make it seem that the people of Wisconsin actually have a debate about this.  The media continues to pander to the right and their message (because obviously they are the left wing lame stream media that Failin' Palin and her losers keep telling us that it is) and it is a lie that keeps repeating itself because the more you repeat a lie the more believable it becomes.

The truth is that the Koch Brothers and Co are the ones that stand to benefit from busting the unions up.  Regardless of the concessions that the unions have offered the GOP in Wisconsin have made it clear they are not interested in compromise.  Typical GOP.  And they arrogantly say that no matter how many people are outside protesting they insist that everybody else that ISN'T there is with them on their side.  Because they won the election the GOP wants to insist that "the people" have spoken and therefor they are justified in moving into areas that were not even part of the campaign or plan namely the unions.

I find the hypocrisy absolutely stunning.  When President Obama was pushing to pass the Health Care legislation, legislation he ran on his campaign and made clear that he was going to push for before he was ever elected, Rep. John Boehner stated that the President was ignoring the will of the people because the Tea Party had staged a big protest outside the Capitol and because 100,000 people of the right had spoken, THEY were the voice of the people, not the people that had voted President Obama into office on the agenda he had been very clear about.  But when Gov. Walker throws in his union busting plan and 70,000 people show up to protest, they do not represent the voice of the people, they are just union thugs.

This blog is NOT about the right or wrong of the unions.  This blog is about the asinine comments of Gov. Haley.  In a time when the Republicans are proudly embracing a government shutdown Nikki Haley wants to throw Democrats out of office that are doing EXACTLY what they were elected to do, protect their constituents.  The Republicans use and exploit every rule in the book and when they do it they are national heroes and patriots, when democrats do it they are obstructionists that need to be thrown out of office.

Another thing, what the Democrats in Wisconsin are doing is not cowardice, it takes courage to stand up for what you firmly believe in whether you are Republican or Democrat.  If the GOP are not cowards for hiding behind the filibuster every time they didn't get what they wanted, then the Democrats are not cowards for doing whatever they must to see to it that their constituents are properly heard and represented.

I really, really really do not like Nikki Haley and more and more I am finding that my initial gut feeling about her was right.  She suits a state that sports Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham though.  The Three Stooges with an incredible supporting cast.  The only thing I can say is, I do believe in our system.  I do believe these idiots, unfortunately, do have the upper hand and have it fair and square by the vote of the people.  That being said they can do all the damage they want but they are over reaching and they are going to find what the Democrats found can push your advantage too far and it will cost you in the long run.  That is all I can hope for.



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