Sunday, June 6, 2010

Personal Responsibility and Accountability in the Gulf

Much ado is being made about the damage to wildlife in the Gulf due to the oil spill. The pictures of animals covered in oil, suffering and dying populate the web used by the liberals to attempt to defend their Muslim, America-hating President and use to their advantage in their constant battle to put us further under the thumb of Christian hating nations that want to destroy America. These crazy liberals communist, Nazi fascists that they are have jumped on the Deepwater Horizon bandwagon, a bandwagon they themselves constructed and orchestrated while attacking and condemning REAL Americans and REAL American heroes like Sarah Palin.

And the vehicle these traitors are using are the pelicans covered in oil, the dolphins dying of toxic waste and the turtles rotten in their shells. Even the plankton are so called victims of the industrial heroes that make our nation what it is and are trying to help free us from the tyranny of god hating, hate mongering, suicidal irrational theocrats in Muslim countries.

Let's face it. The Bush Administration's dogged defense of Big Oil, a business that both he and his VP were big shakers and movers in, had nothing to do with those pelicans being covered in oil. BP with its back room deals, corrupt dealings with politicians, money poured into lobbying against regulations instead of pouring it into better equipment and safer procedures is not to blame for the dolphins that are drowning in oil slicked waters. It is not rock star-style politicians and personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck that have deluded the American people into believing that BP, Exxon, Shell and the others all hold the answer to the energy problem and that the hippy tree hugging liberals are idiots for pushing for cleaner is not their fault that even the plankton that feeds the wildlife in the Gulf is being killed off while they line their pockets flush with cash. is not these people's fault at all that these animals are dying off do to this unfortunate event since it probably would have happened anyway as an act of nature.

No. Let us consider for a moment personal responsibility and for once let us hold the ones accountable who are truly responsible for these animals dying in this horrible condition. The animals themselves. I mean seriously. Who told this pelican to land into the oil slicked waters of the gulf. The oil slick is, after all, visible for miles from air, the stupid bird can see for itself that it isn't safe to land there! It chose, of its own free will, to land there and it is suffering the consequences of that decision. The turtles and dolphins and even the plankton choose to remain in this area affected by progress and if they die, then it is their choice to deal with the consequences of that decision. It is a big ocean and they are welcome to relocate and if they decide not to then they must deal with the consequences.

The point is that, as the Grand Ol' Party has always upheld, the government cannot be expected to support dead beats that are unable to make right choices. The government cannot be responsible for handouts to those with the poor judgement to make bad choices. Simply put, you make your bed you sleep in it. These creatures must learn to stay out of the way of progress, and the sooner they learn this the better. The Gulf is just the start. The elks in Alaska better look closely at these pictures and learn a lesson...the government will not be held responsible any longer for the foolishness of those that refuse to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and take responsibility for their own decision making and choices.

This is not communist Russia or Nazi Germany! We do not give handouts to idiots. We do not subsidize failure. We believe in progress...progress at any cost. We do not believe in stifling those that truly want to see America progress. Hold those accountable that should be held accountable! Drill, Baby Drill!

(Insert sarcasm here...for any idiot that missed it. If you truly believe this pile of crap...then vote for the Republican of your choice.)


Mandy said...

Oh and to think I encouraged this

I hope anyone that might stumble upon this blog realizes what a sarcastic person you are and doesn't take you seriously...otherwise you could be in trouble!

I only hope I can learn to appreciate your sarcasm and learn how to be sarcastic, I really haven't mastered that yet...

vjack said...

Now that's some serious sarcasm! Good thing I know better.

It is truly amazing that some people believe this.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate thing is that right before this happened Obama had decided to open up the gulf to more drilling (correct me if I'm wrong b/c I could be). I've been a registered democrat for years now, but I am so disappointed in the state of our democratic system. We need other options besides just the two we seem to have. If there is anything good that can come from the Tea Party Movement, hopefully it is that...

I am so sad by the spill. I wanted to go to the beach this weekend and say goodbye to my favorite spot (Destin) but it seems like we might be one weekend too late to see it as we knew it last.

I'm back from my trip and hope to catch up with you this week.

Kat said...

It's nice to know that sarcasm is alive and well. It's sad, though, that there are actually people out there who would take this seriously and actually agree with it. It's a sad thing....


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