Sunday, May 30, 2010

That's what Brothers do...

So in the last few weeks I have been watching the show Supernatural. If you haven't seen this show I totally recommend it. It is inventive, ingenious and downright fascinating. In this show, for those that are unfamiliar with it, two brothers are forced on a life path of hunting demons and other dark creatures of the night. On about season 4, angels come into the show. Angels in this show are douchebags...just like I have always imagined them. They are result oriented and the ends justify the means. The show is by far one of my favorite past times I have had in a very long time.

Now I am writing a book about a fallen angel and Mandy suggested I watch this show for "atmosphere" and ideas. I have really enjoyed it and it really has helped me get my thoughts together on the personality and lore and mythology of angels and demons. Besides, the series is just fun.

But the main thing I wanted to write about in this post is what I find to be the real story behind Supernatural. The show is really and truly about brothers. The theme shows up alot throughout the show. Family in general and brothers in particular.

The show is centered around two brothers, Dean and Sam. These two brothers are opposites, yet are close. Dean is the jock. He is the brawn of the outfit. He is the older of the two and is usually in charge of what happens and what decisions are made. He is loud, obnoxious, funny, witty and pretty much an asshat in general. Sam is the nerd and geek. He is the brains of the outfit. He does the research. He tends to be emotional. When Dean is ready to slice and dice, Sam usually wants to stop and think about it.

There is another set of brothers in the show. Michael and Lucifer. The ultimate in disfunctional family. In the end they are destined by their father to fight each the death. I haven't seen how the season ends and I am not gonna jump ahead...but once comes down to brothers.

But back to Dean and Sam. The two fight all the time. They argue. They blame each other. They blame mom and dad. They blame the world around them. They fight the demons but the greatest demons they have to fight and seem to have the hardest time facing are their own demons. At some point in the show they separate. But they really can't get away from each other. And when it comes down to it...they would gladly sell their soul to save the other. And? They always end up back together...because...that's what brothers do. And even when Heaven and Hell conspire to make the two brothers destroy each other (as the human hosts of Michael and Lucifer) in the end...they are brothers and can't bring themselves to do it. There is no power, in heaven or hell, that is stronger than the tie between brothers...and only they can destroy it. That is the biggest lesson I learned from this show.

As I watched this show I was reminded of me and my brother and the similarities are uncanny. Me and my brother are opposites. We always have been. The older we get it seems the more polar opposites we become. He spent most of his young adult life in the military. I spent most of mine fucking up two marriages and working in Customer Service. My brother is funny, loud and popular. I am more reserved and quiet. He is conservative Republican and I am liberal Democrat. In reality, you couldn't find two people more on opposite sides of the spectrum than us. Yet...we love each other.

I laughed the other night as I was watching an episode in season 4 where Dean tells Sam that if he didn't love him he would hunt him. So and my brother both have said we wouldn't like each other if we didn't love each other. Me and my brother have fought...some fist fights (thankfully since he could kick my ass easily...Marine Boot Camp and combat experience gives him the definite edge on a physical fight!) but boy have we locked horns verbally. We have hung up on each other, we have avoided each other and we have gone weeks without talking to each other.

But here is the Dean said...we are blood. We are family. Last night I was watching one of the final episodes of Season 4 and Sam tells Dean that he was his hero. I am the older brother of us two, but in many ways, my brother is my hero. No matter how much I disagree with him some things, there are others that I stand beside him on. I have always backed his play, and would again tomorrow. There have been times I did things he did not agree with, but he has always backed my play. Even when I doubted he always eventually came through.

And here is what it boils down to. He is my brother. I may bad mouth him..but I am the only that can do it. You try and bad mouth him and I will feed you your nut sack. I know him. I trust him. I love him. I respect him. I don't always agree with him...but in the end...He is my brother...and if I believed in a soul...I would sell mine to the devil to protect him...

In closing, here are some lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Confederate Railroad...

He said, Hi my name is Timmy and I'm pushin' five years old
I can count to this many, then I'll have to use my toes
I sure am glad to meet ya
Let me show you stuff that only big boys know

Now, nickels might be bigger but dimes are worth the most
Santa's always in the mall, but he lives at the North Pole
Kid stick with me and you'll go far
'Cause I'll show you the ropes

In all these years I've learned many things
How to walk, how to talk, and make believe
So follow me

Notebook paper makes a dandy stealth fighter
And for fast get aways, we'll take my radio flyer
And there's Indians in the woods, just off the porch out back
And if they attack, I'll help ya fight 'em
With sticks for guns, me and you, until we've won
'Cause that's what brothers do

Mama said that you're the reason her belly got so big
And I didn't believe her till she let me feel you kick
And I don't know how it happened
I'm just glad I have someone to play with

We'll play cops and robbers and secret agent man
And save the world from hostile aliens
With sticks for guns, me and you, until we've won
'Cause that's what brothers do
That's what brothers do

He said, Hi my name is Timmy and I'm pushin' five years old


Mandy said...

Very good post. I hope your brother reads it, too.

Will and I grew up really dispising one another. However, we were always there for each other and now we couldn't be closer.

Siblings share a history. No one else ever shares as much. You share your upbringing and therefore understand each other better than anyone else ever could in a lot of ways. It is what can and should bond you.


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