Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seven Things about Me you probably didn't know

Since this Award has no name I am going to name it

BFD Award (because it is!)

awarded to me


Gamecock Mama after I wiped the tears from my eyes from the esctasy of recieving my first blog reward (hey this is like the Pulitzer or some shit so back off dammit!)I realized, like Spiderman, that with great power comes great responsibility (oh stop laughing I am enjoying my moment here! lol) So as a result of this award I have to write 7 things about myself and pick out 7 bloggers to do the same (after I get to play the Oscars and give them a reward! So here goes my sacred seven secrets:

1. I am a cartoon junkie!

I absofreakinlutely love cartoons. And not this new bullshit they try to pass of as cartoons now a days. My favorites include: Dexter's Labratory, ALL things Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, Thundercats, Code Name: Kids Next Door. I love old school Disney (before all that Pixar crap..all though..I did like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and I thought Wall-e wasn't too bad for having zero dialogue.) Sleeping Beauty rocked, The Emperor's New Groove was a blast and Lilo and Stitch....oh yeah...

2. I am a sci fi geek

If it starts with star I love it. Stargate, SG-1 and Atlantis...Star Wars, Star Trek (all of them except Deep Space 9...never could get into that one...was just too depressing.). I did NOT like Battlestar Galactica at was like a soap opera in the stars. I did NOT like Ghost Hunters...too wierd, and I am a skeptic anyway. I love fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and really just about anything sci fi.

3. I am a diabetic

I am a type 2 diabetic and have been for almost 9 years. I am a horrible diabetic...I love my oreo cookies and my gatorade (not together of course..that is just gross!) I have always been a pretty sorry diabetic though, mostly because it seems if it tastes good it pretty much is the spawn of satan and will kill me.

4. I used to be a crazy driver

No you don't get it...I was like a really really really really stupid driver! Like, I used to pass people on the grass median, I used to pass on the emergency lane and I never ran below 100 mph. It was always wide open and caution to the wind. What happened? I had kids...that changed everything. I traded my balls for my kids...and wouldn't have it any other way.

5. I am a sentimental romantic (yes I cried at the end of Pay it Forward)
Ok so I won't go into this one too much because I don't want to ruin my rep..but yeah...'nuff said.

6. I am a writer...and not just a blog

I like to write fiction. Mostly fantasy know elves, dragons, angels and demons (I know kind of wierd for an atheist huh?) I am currently working on my bachelor's degree in English with plans to get a Masters in Communication and a Doctorate in Philosophy. I then want to go back and get whatever credit hours needed for a degree in Creative writing. My goal (when I grow up) is to be a college professor and make the lives miserable on students for the rest of my mortal existence. And I can do it..I promise!

7. I used to be a HUGE chat addict...and it has gotten me into trouble

For a few years I was hooked on chat programs. Was into Palace Chat, Yahoo! Chat, Second Life, Voodoo Chat, Halsoft (VP) Chat and a couple of friendly chat programs. It was a fantasy world where I kind of lost direction in my life and made some mistakes that cost me. I met my second wife in Yahoo! Chat...and the last disastrous relationship I was in was with a girl I met in Voodoo Chat. I learned a lot of things about myself, and learned some life lessons the very hard way. I do have some lifelong friends that I have never met face to face but I have known for years and they are kind of like family to me...despite the fact that we have never met. I left chat completely for a while to help me gain perspective on my life and get my head out of my that pinched look on my forehead? It comes from clamping down too hard!

So...having done my part in this chain...I pass the torch to my fellow bloggers whom I will introduce mimicing the Wizard as he left Oz...and thus I award the"BFD Award"....

By virtue of his superior intelligence and limited personality (waiting for the return insult...hehehehe)...Gifts of Thought (@OpinionatedGift)

By virtue of her equestrian prowress and affinity for all things "pet"... Too much Perfection (@2MuchPerfection)

By virtue of her inquisitive mind and Insatiable thirst for knowledge... Waiting for the Click (@lesleeHorner)

By virtue of her impressive honesty and addiction to Hello Kitty... (@kitterztoo)

By virtue of her unmatched geekiness and incomparable nerdiness... It's Just Me (@Tookergoos20)

By virtue of his big mouth and twisted sense of humor...Gettin' Down with the King (@thewierdoking) I am short one but seriously...everybody else I would pass this on to has already been trapped into doing settle for an even six versus an uneven seven...ok? lol

That being said...good luck to the new winners may this award be as touching and as...ah hell I don't it was to me! Woot! Happy Blogging!


Mandy said...

Sentimental romantic, huh? So, Pay in Forward is the ONLY movie you cried at? Are you sure??


Also, really? Driving on the median? Were you nuts? Damn...Good thing that is in the past, mister!

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't like Battlestar Gallactica! We watched it all on DVD and I LOVE it! But I guess that's partly b/c it was a "soap opera in the sky."

You are going to make the best professor ever!

Thanks for passing the torch on to me. Now I have a blog topic for Monday or Wednesday!


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