Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, Mother!

So it is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate it than with an oil spill! Now before I get started on this rant, you might as well know that my progressive views are going to come out on this one and I am going to insult a couple of conservatives are forewarned..which is the least a gentleman can do right?

So an explosion took place on an oil rig that burned and eventually went into the ocean. It was "not bad" because ONLY 11 workers are missing and presumed dead which is really not a big deal because there were 126 workers and 115 of them came home safely. Now the loss of life is a bad thing but let's face it...more police officers and fire fighters lose their life than that so in a society where we can crack jokes about the President being killed the cavalier attitude at the death of "only" 11 workers is no big surprise.

So let's talk about the oil rig. Yeah, you know, the new safer equipment and processes that the conservatives wave as their argument of why us liberals need to shut up about all this off shore drilling that can cause damage to this planet we call home? The explosion has already resulted in oil spilled into the gulf as the article states, "Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said crews saw a 1-mile-by-5-mile sheen of what appeared to be a crude oil mix on the surface of the water. She said there wasn't any evidence crude oil was coming out after the rig sank, but officials also aren't sure what's going on underwater. They have dispatched a vessel to check." Furthermore, if there IS a leak under water (which we sincerely hope there is not) we are talking about 300,000+ gallons of crude oil dumped into our ocean...A DAY!

Yes indeed...Happy Earth Day, Mother...and look what we have as a present!

Now make no mistake, I understand that there is a need to get off of foreign dependancy. I also understand that in the short term we have to take some chances. But those chances need to be matched with a responsible plan to get ourselves not only off of the dependancy of FOREIGN oil...but off of crude oil period. It should be accompanied by an enforced requirement and dedication to discover and perfect other forms of energy that do not require us to rape Mother Nature and leave her exposed and dejected like a two dollar whore! The conservatives don't want the government to regulate and demand these actions, but big business is more interested in padding their own pockets than to take these issues what do we do? Let them continue their rampage through our eco system and all brew some tea bags outside the Capitol while our planet dies just to keep the government control down to a minimum?

The shouts of Palin and her robots, screaming, "Drill Baby, Drill!" while they mock those of us that want to see the government require some action on developing clean energy are nothing more, nothing less then a call for the rape and murder of our planet that we have to pass on to our children. They scream and protest about the debt we are passing on to our children, and this is a very legitimate concern, but what about the mess on this planet that we are leaving to our children. There is no excuse...and there is no forgiveness.

I am a realist. I concede that we have to have energy and this is what we have right now, but while the President is opening our coast lines to more drilling, so as to find a way to make us less reliant on foreign oil, the idiots like Lou Pritchett want to mock "windmills" and other attempts at inventing cleaner energy. Is it really the nation's well being these pirates, theives and mongrel bullies are worried about? Or is it their buddies that they owe favors to? People like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney with their myriad connections with big oil? People like Sarah Palin who cut behind the door deals with companies to lay pipe lines for digging in Alaska? Is it really their country they are worried about? Or their own selfish wealth and private interests? And when they are done raping our planet, where are we and our children going to live while they sit on top of the world?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying what I think.


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