Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pedophiles, Thugs and Rapists...Oh MY!

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Last week in Twitter, somebody tweeted something that was re tweeted and re tweeted to the point that I do not know to whom I should credit the original statement. It was a powerful indictment against an institution that has never been held accountable for the heinous acts it has committed. This person said something along the lines that his/her church was against abortion, but ok with raping little kids. Obviously, this person was speaking in reference to the Catholic Church.

Now before I continue I will make a couple of self evident statements. I am an atheist. Well if you have been following my blog for any amount of time you will already be aware of that fact. Now some would argue that this makes me biased against the "Holy" Church and therefore unable to deal with anything remotely related. I disagree. (Obviously, since I am writing this bog!) I believe that what my freedom from the "establishment" DOES provide is the ability to avoid the emotional attachments and "fear of god" respect that might force me to treat this subject with kid gloves and dance around the truth. Furthermore, I would argue (yes Mandy I DID use it!) that my detachment from the emotional aspect of this situation, puts me in a position to say what needs to be said and the church and its authority holds no sway over me.

I also acknowledge the fact that not all Catholics are rapist and child molesters. I will state to those that are not, if they cover or excuse or otherwise justify the actions of these pedophiles are just as guilty as the perpetrators of the deed. I will not go so far as to argue that maintaining membership in a church that actively covers these crimes is in a sense justifying and excusing it...I won't go that far...yet. Furthermore, if you are a devout Catholic, then you may not want to continue reading, because I have no intentions of being nice.

The Catholic Church has a long and dark history of crimes against humanity. I state this unapologetic ally. The Dark Ages was brought on by the church's inability to allow people to learn on penalty of death. Knowledge was kept under tight control to the point of killing those that dared to come up with new ideas, Galileo being a case in point. The Crusades, wars waged by the Catholic Church and under its authority and blessing, are another example. Hitler and the Holocaust occurred under the blessing and the approving eye of the Holy See. The Inquisition operated as a blatant arm of violence, coercion and deadly force of the Catholic Church. So let us not try to glamorize the Roman Catholic Church and pretend that it does not have a history of blatant acts of violence, perversion and a complete and total disregard for humanity.

Having said that I will state that it is a mistake for the Catholic Church to harbor these pedophiles and criminals. Furthermore it is an embarrassment that the head of the Catholic Church, the Vicar of Christ, the Holy See, the "representative of God on earth" was active in the scandal of cover up, and that his brother was actually part of the crime! To make matters worse, the Pope is the only head of state that cannot be removed from officer. Let's face it when the chain of command is St. Peter (long gone), Jesus Christ (long ways away), Virgin Mary (busy interceding to Jesus) and God (yeah...'nuff said) then there is nobody around with enough rank to fire you. This puts the Catholic Church in the position of having to justify, cover up and otherwise put lipstick on a very fat pig (sorry Mrs. Palin am gonna borrow your mask for this one).

So the Cardinals got together, and put this guy in office, despite the fact that they knew full well about this scandal, and now nobody can remove him. They cannot change his past and his history. This guy literally threatened excommunication to anybody that spoke to the authorities! This guy is a thug and a criminal...and he is the world's leading religious leader!!! Do you not see that this guy actually threatened people with HELL if they spoke the truth and brought criminals to justice? This is the man that represents the "Christian" world? And the ONLY repair option the "church" has is to continue to cover it up...because centuries of Catholic teaching say the pope is infallible...so you cannot actually have him making mistakes NOW can you?

Not too long ago I was reading a blog by a fellow atheist that was attempting to decide which of the big trifecta were the most dangerous: Islam, Christianity or Judaism. He argued that Islam, due to its violence, is the most dangerous. I argued then and still argue that "Christianity" led by the Catholic Church, committing crimes against our future, raping our children, holding entire towns and villages captive with priests that have no sense of decency or of the incredible power they hold over the minds of the simple people they are supposed to be serving, is just as dangerous if not more so.

Nobody is above reproach. Nobody. Not even the Vicar of Christ. He will never face time for his crimes. He cannot be impeached. He can only resign. At his age he will die at his post, he would be a fool to do otherwise. This is no John Paul my friends. The only thing left for the Catholic Church to do is bring these pedophiles and criminals to justice. And yes, I WILL go ahead and say it...if they refuse to do this, if they continue to cover these animals, if they continue to justify and preach "forgiveness" on these criminals rather than justice, then yes...your continued affiliation with this snake pit makes you a part of the mess...guilt by association...

Sucks huh? Then clean up your house.


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