Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GOP approved Night Clubs

Voyeur Club in West Hollywood

So big news...the Republican Party had some staffer...becoming the scape goat for Michael Steele...and taking the blame for organizing an event for young donors to a BDSM night club. (I know amazing that they didnt want to have a Tea Party and prayer and Bible worship huh?) Now I am highly disappointed in Michael Steele feeling the need to find somebody to take the rap for him since I thought I had finally found a reason to like the guy!

The BDSM themed bar is top dollar...way above yours and my pay grade. The website coyly avoids an inside look at the club because...well...exclusive still means something and exclusivity costs, and draws, money...as the GOP discovered...to the tune of almost $2,000!

It really doesn't matter to me who did this to be honest, it is comforting to know that the Party of No can say yes to a good time at least. Of course, the Tea Party proponents are ok with their leaders and paid staffers going to night clubs where...gasp....dancers perform acts of lesbianism...of course...and spend their donation money on it.

Oh wait! The Tea Party isn't gonna be too agitated...the right fringe nut jobs that are holding the GOP captive have their sacrificial lamb..and aid that was fired for organizing the event for donors. Yes, that is it...fire the person that organized the event. How about the head of the RNC that approved the expense? No. We are just antagonizing and inciting hatred.

So I figured I would help you GOPers out! Here is a link I went and found just for you! It provides some fetish clubs for you and even has them by state so as to make it easier for you to search for the fetish club closest to you! Enjoy! Oh...and shove your sanctimonious act up your ass...we are onto you now dammit!

Find the fetish club of your choice!

And for those of us that actually get the humor of this...Thanks John for sharing this one with me!

La Daily Musto!


Mandy said...

Somehow I knew you would take this one and run with it. What's surprising is we haven't heard more about it! But then, I suppose the media really doesn't want to go too deep into this story, might be afraid of what they'd find! Not to mention I suppose a 6:30 newscast is a little early to discuss BDSM on network tv!

Carl said...

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