Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Journey (Part I): Introduction

I have never sat down to put in words the path that led me from a very old fashion, heavily indoctrinated religious background to atheism. It was not purely an emotional decision or choice. It was a long journey, one that frankly I am still traveling. It has been a process of several years of questioning. Any journey of ideals should be one of questioning. Regardless of your belief system you should never be afraid to question it. If your system of belief cannot stand up to questions then it is time to find a new system of beliefs.

I had never really discussed what I am about to discuss. I am very private in my ideas and thoughts about religion. I am not out to convert people to atheism. First, atheism is not a religion so you cannot convert people to it. Second, atheism is about reason and logic...unfortunately you cannot convert people to these ideals, they have to choose them on their own. Third, faith is essential to the make up of many people, to take away their faith is to kick their feet out from under them. I see faith and religion as harmless concepts in and of themselves, as long as you don't use your faith and religion to attack other people or degrade them, which sadly, is too often the case.

So why write this now? My fellow blogger and twitter friend, @lesleehorner appears to have a veritable voracious hunger for knowledge! She has mentioned several times that she would like to hear what would lead a person to go from pastor to atheist. I have had many friends and acquaintances ask me the same question. So I decided to put it down, for the record, sorta speak. So here it goes Leslee. This is not an easy story to tell...nor is it short...so I will break it up in pieces, so please be patient with me. Also to those that would like to know more about me, this is kind of a real inside view of my life and my thoughts and the person I am beyond the facade.

When I started out the new year I made a resolution that I would blog more and take my blog less serious. Well this will help the first part of that New year's resolution, but the second part? Well, not so much. I typically do not post more than one blog a day, however, while doing this series of blogs I may drop some humorous ones along the way so as not to be so serious I bore you to death!

I will add before I go any further that this applies to me. I do not hold anybody to the same standards I hold myself. I also want to make it clear that I love and respect and admire my parents. Do not twist this as an attack on them. One of the things that has angered me more than anything, since I have reached this point in my life, are the people that want to trivialize the very ordered and conscientious thought process that led me to being an atheist by discarding and disregarding it as a mere “rebellion” against my parents and everything that I was raised in. I am 33 years old, have been to hell and back (figuratively speaking) and am way beyond the “rebellious” stage in my life.

For those that may come to my blog and read this: I am not attacking your faith. I respect your right to faith. I even respect the fact that you can go beyond logic and reason, suspend all questions, and accept something with blind faith. There are even times I envy you. I will not disrespect you and I ask you do the same. I am well aware of what your Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” There I said it for you.

To those I love that may find this blog, or worse, be directed here by some inconsiderate troublemaker trying to turn those I love against me...I am sorry if I offend you...this is my journey...and is in no way intended as an affront to you or what you believe.

Having said that I think the best place to start is at the beginning...


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I went from being agnostic to Catholic and am married to an agnostic. Every one is free to have their own thoughts and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling this story. I look forward to reading and learning about you. I have a great deal of respect for you based on what I know so far, I'm sure this will only make that respect grow...

Mandy said...

I look forward to reading more of your story.

kitterztoo said...

Even though I'm probably agnostic, I am always open to other people's beliefs and how they arrived at that decision. As a former scientist, I also can see how others arrive at atheism. It wasn't until college that I was able to challenge my own belief system, and welcome others along that same path.


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