Friday, November 27, 2009

You have got to be kidding!!!!

Gone but not Forgotten!

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In short (in case you are wanting to bypass reading the article), PETA is up to their idiocy again. Have you ever seen UGA? He is the MOST pampered dog in the world. This dog is adored, fed the best, has his own home with its own cooling system. This is the only dog that will get its own fancy funeral and be mourned by people across the region.

Are you kidding??? This dog will be memorialized and mourned and missed in GA more than if the swine flu wiped out all of the state legislature, AND the Govenor...heck..the President of United States could be killed and the people of Georgia (especially GA! lol) would not mourn his death more then they mourn the death of UGA!

A mechanical dog???? are you serious??? I mean there are times that all these "rights" groups are just too much. NAACP, PETA....what the heck is up with these people. There are days I just shake my head in wonder...

I did like this part of the article..."Obviously, flesh and blood will reign in Georgia for the foreseeable future, but the times, they change: If the animal rights lobby comes back in 50 or 60 years with a hunk of barking metal that occasionally attacks unwitting Auburn players who wander too close, they may have a shot with Uga XXIV." Can we add heat seeking missles for when Tebow and the hated Gators come to town? please?



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