Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The school of hard knocks....

I know some of you might find this surprising...but I am a stubborn jackass! I was thinking about this last night. Life is full of lessons, some are learned gracefully...others..well not so gracefully. So a quick glance at some classes offered in the School of Hard Knocks:

(1) Bloody Wall Technique 101...I got an A+ in this class. It is basically where you sit like a retard in the corner and beat your head against the wall. It is a sign of insanity when you do the same thing over and over, expecting different results (I know I mangled that quote but you get the gist)If that is the case...then dammit I am plain out of my mind! I always seem to have this penchant for doing the same thing, thinking I will get it right this time. Somehow, it always turns out the same.

(2) Hindsight 20/20 101...yeah..you got it...I got an B+ in this one. I can't quite seem to learn things BEFORE I screw it up...but occasionally I learn from past mistakes. When I don't well...I am back in the Bloody Wall class beating my head into a useless sponge.

(3) Learn from the Mistakes of Others 302...this was an upper level course...that I failed...horribly....need I say more.

(4) Discretion and Prevention 302...also a class for upper level classmen...unfortunately I got expelled..I think...for snoring in class I think was the charge.

So...there it is...the School of hard knocks...now please excuse me while I change the bandages on my forehead.


Sylvia said...

maybe first steps first - thinking of what you would like to keep the same and trying to preserve it.
When this is learned, the support for taking steps 2 and 3 will be guaranteed.


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