Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gosh b'Golly...Say it aint so... I watched the vp debate...and while I had pretty much moved from undecided column to decided...Palin effectively pushed me into a whole new column of support for Obama. There were several issues about the debate that just pissed me off...

(1) First she either chose not to answer questions or chose to answer them yes/no and then pursue her own agenda. This was a debate not a photo op. She chose to use it like her own personal platform. She went so far as to make it clear she was not going to answer the questions given, but rather was gong to answer the "unspoken" questions by speaking right to the American people. While this sounded like she was "connecting" with the average "Joe Sixpack", what it was, was a clear indication that, like the current administration, she had no intentions of following the rules. Furthermore, her tendency to answer questions with a simple "yes/no" was also disturbing. A debate is not about a "yes/no" but rather about "yes/no....because". Her lack of substance was palpable, almost as palpable as her condescending sarcasm.

(2) "Say it ain't so Joe". Her condescending sarcasm was so disrespectful that if Biden had talked to her EXACTLY as she talked to him he would have brought down the ENTIRE Obama campaign for being a sexist condescending rich white male. But in her case it was "folksy". And as for her "folksy" talk, designed to connect with the average "Joe Sixpack", it was eerily reminiscent of the current President with his multiple mispronunciations that make anybody with a decent high school education cringe. Let's be honest, do we want another face in the White House to embarrass us every time they stand in front of the cameras? Furthermore, her condescending attitude to a man that has served 30 years in the senate was unforgivable. She treated a man nearly old enough to be her Father like he was a child...something my mom always taught me was unacceptable...and most hockey moms teach their kids better!

(3) Civics 101...The vice president, regardless of what the Honorable Dick Cheney thinks, is still the most thankless job in the country. The Constitution, Mrs. Palin, quite clearly indicates what the role and authority of the Vice-President is. The Vice-President is president of the senate and is the tie breaking vote when necessary. The vice president becomes President in case of the death or in the case where the President is incapacitated. The Vice President is not granted ANY executive power in the Constitution. This is also a clear idealogical link to the current administration that holds little regard for the rules and the Constitution.

(4) Let's talk about sex. I understand that it is politics. I also understand that politicians use whatever tools they have available to them. So it came as little surprise to me how well Mrs. Palin used her femininity to be so likeable. Sure she was likeable. If Biden giggled and winked like she did He would have been accused of either mocking her as a woman or being gay! I actually have to give Biden props for handling a situation so well in which he had such a distinct disadvantage. She used her femininity against him. It appealed to the male audience no doubt, but most women I have talked to have found it insulting. That she cannot win a contest fair and square as a professional but has to stoop to such shenanigans. Even SNL noticed a point that all but the Republican faithful has noticed...when cornered Palin becomes incredibly cute.

Overall, watching Biden and Palin debate was eerily when me and my ex used to fight. She knew when to turn on the charm. She also knew how to pick and choose what she wanted to answer and what she chose to ignore. The only reason why Palin's performance was considered good was because everybody was expecting much worse. The bar was set low, so it was easy to clear....but then...isn't that what this election is all about?


WonderingImriel said...

Well said on both posts, all excellent points.


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