Friday, January 20, 2017

This is NOT a "Peaceful Transition" of Power

We've all heard it.  That one obnoxious conservative jerk that has spent the last eight years calling President Obama a socialist, Hitler, fascist, Islamist Terrorist that is not even a native born American and is an illegitimate President with no right to be a citizen much less a president...and God Bless America!...all of a sudden is a purveyor of peace and unity and some "unspoken" rule that you HAVE to respect the office of the President because he represents the "voice" of the American People.  Of course, the last time they talked like this was...well...When George W. Bush was President.

Of course, the newest mantra we are hearing is that today is NOT about WHO the President is but rather the "celebration" of the "richest" of American Traditions...the peaceful transfer of power. It all sounds very inspiring and very uniting and very much...full of bullshit.

It is important to understand that this "peaceful transition" is the cap, the final step, to a sacred process that we have been peddling around the world since before the days of Korea and Vietnam.  This democratic process includes the sanctity of the vote of every citizen, the purity of the voting process and that it is a government of the People, for the People and BY THE PEOPLE.  To be clear...that is "The People of the United States of America"...not the People of Russia or any other nation for that matter.

The peaceful transfer of power truly is a beautiful thing if the entire process has been followed through. If there were no voter intimidation, if every vote was counted rather than selectively tossing votes in areas that were clearly NOT part of your fan club, if there was an openness and willingness to investigate any discrepancies and if there were not an overwhelming shadow of involvement of a foreign power influencing the outcome of that democratic process.

You don't get to corrupt, pervert and violate every step of the process and then demand that we respect and celebrate the final step, the "peaceful transfer of power."  This is not a peaceful transfer of power.  This is a coup.  This is a violation of everything we hold dear.  This is a lie to everything we have claimed to peddle to every developing nation in the world.  This is an insult to every name on the Memorial Wall that gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice in a conflict with the Former USSR, the current day Russia, led by the former KGB Strong Man, that you and your comrades have embraced shamelessly.

Today Donald J Trump becomes President.  There is no stopping that.  But I refuse to celebrate it. I refuse to legitimize it.  I refuse to shut up and accept it.  This is Treason.  This is a coup by a foreign power.  This is a violation of everything we have claimed to be.  I will fight it. I will resist it. I will not surrender.



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