Sunday, July 27, 2014

Persecuted??? Really????

So the makers of "God is not Dead" came out with a new movie and it released on the 18th of this month.  The title of it is "Persecuted" with the catchy little line of "I will not be silent."  I had really decided to NOT waste any time or breath on this right wing propaganda but something happened this morning.  I was going through my News Feed in Facebook and came across an article ( where Gretchen Carlson from Faux News is bemoaning the level of persecution she has received for being part of this film and then extends it further to her persecution for her faith.

Let me make a few things clear in the interest of full disclosure:

1. I can't stand Fox News.  Fox News is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country.  It is a fear mongering, war hawk, elitist support of the rich, lying source of right wing hate, bigotry, racism, xenophobia and theocracy.  They are the voice of the American Taliban.  And if you believe the Bible is a good source of legislation, if you believe your God's rules supersede the laws of the nation then you, my friend, are an American Taliban theocrat.  You are no different than Osama bin Laden and the rest of those nut jobs. Simple as that. 

2. I can't stand Gretchen Carlson.  Gretchen is an Aryan White Supremacist bimbo blonde that Fox News parades out to tantalize its testosterone drenched male viewership and justify its slavery of the Stepford Wives giving theme a Y-chromosome role model of self destructive, self demeaning and self deluding behavior. 
3. I am an atheist.  I respect your right to believe.  I respect your right to faith and I will vigorously  defend your right to practice your faith.  But I have no personal use for any system that requires fear to make its followers submit and requires me to turn my brain off at the door.  Any system that tells me I think to much is not a system I want to be a part of.

That being said, this movie, Persecuted, pisses me off.  Seriously??? I am not sure you understand the meaning of the word.  Let us consider something that Gretchen, Fox News and the persecution fantasy addicts really can't stand...Facts...

1. With very few exceptions you cannot even win an election in this country unless you profess an undying love and adoration for the Christian God despite the fact that the Constitution completely forbids this type of preferential treatment.  See Article VI in this little understood document we like to call The Constitution.  While I understand that right wing nut jobs have a difficult time reading and therefore lose interest by the end of the Second Amendment, there is more to this document than just your right to faith and your right to own a gun.

2.  Every single president in the history of this nation has been a professing Christian.  Ironically, it is these so called Christians, that claim THEY are being persecuted, that like to judge the current president and argue he is NOT a Christian and that he is, instead a Muslim...which according to the Constitution shouldn't even be an issue.

3.  Despite being the most profitable industry in the entire nation, churches are tax free.  Yes, grasp that.  Despite the fact that they do NOTHING for the nation, despite the fact that they are constantly meddling in national affairs and politics, despite the fact that they have HUGE buildings and put their CEO's (pastors) in large houses and fancy cars, they are tax exempt.  They don't even have to hire lobbyists for this like other businesses that have to basically buy politicians to get tax loopholes...they are completely tax exempt simply because they are religious.  They flaunt the rules all the time, they do what they want as they want and they rake in trillions of dollars nation world wide stomping on the backs of everybody that disagrees with them and WE, the tax payers, get to pay them to do it!

4.  Their religious beliefs are the most stifling and limiting force in this country's social structure.  They are the ones that want to prohibit the rights of people to marry, they are the ones that want to prohibit a woman's right to her body.  They are the ones that want to force other people from other faiths out of the public domain, they are the ones that want to force my children to swear to a nation under THEIR god, force my children to respect their Bible and their public prayers in the school.  But THEY are the ones that are persecuted.  Christianity is the single most powerful force against progress.  They are against REAL education, women's rights, not only of their body but of their right to be equals in this country, they are against ANYTHING science says and teaches that disagrees with their millennium old dogma and they claim THEY are the ones being persecuted!

So let's make something clear Gretchen, and all of you fear scaremongers like her....

1.  You are an asshole.  We don't like you, not because of what you believe but because of how you behave.  If you are an ass and we treat you like an ass because you behave like an ass don't whine like a bitch.  Try some of that vaunted "Christian Love" on for a change and maybe we will show you a smidgen of respect.  Until then, if you are an asshole...we will treat you like one...

2.  You are not persecuted.  Persecution is a marketing tool.  It is a rallying call.  It is how churches keep their flock of blind and dumb sheep coming back in fear.  The huddled masses of terrified Christians, afraid they will be herded into concentration camps are too freakin stupid to realize that they are being huddled into a shearing stall where they are fleeced for their money, freedoms and devotion.  Persecution is how they keep them coming back.  Patriots cannot be patriots if they have nobody to fight and Christians cannot be "Christ like" if they cannot be persecuted and nailed to a cross like their fake Messiah.

3. Shut up already about being persecuted.  Can you marry who you want to?  Shut up.  Can you teach your children what you believe without having somebody else SHOVE their religion down your child's throat by people that have the worst combination of entitlement and victimization complexes in the world??? Then shut up.  You have NO idea what it means to be persecuted.

This movie is the most disgusting and insulting intellectual diarrhea I have seen in ages...and the fact that Gretchen is a part of it and feels persecuted for being a part of it only makes it that more disgusting.

Neither will I be silent...if you are an asshole...then you are an asshole...



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