Monday, June 23, 2014


The older I get the more I come to realize that life is all about priorities. What we want versus what we need. This is true in everything you do, everything you participate in and every decision we make. As a matter of fact, one could even argue that at the root of every decision we make as adults is a decision, a choice, of priorities.

The choices you make at work, at home, with your children, your doctor's office, your grocery store, the pharmacy even the games you play are all about the priorities in your life. It is possible that there is no other place where this truth is more evident than in the voting booth. We call it many things; values, ideology, partisanship, politics, responsibility, beliefs, patriotism, etc. But when you rip past the rhetoric and get past the fancy, self serving, self aggrandizing titles it really comes down to priorities. Even the titles "liberals" and "conservatives" are, at their root, about what is most important to us. Priorities are what define our past, dictate our present and and decide our future. Destiny and deities have nothing to do with our futures...the decisions we make based on what is most important to is is what determines our future.

I have said all this to get to my point. On Facebook the other day I saw this twitter post instagramed:

And it made me angry. Angry at how screwed up our priorities in this nation have become. I don't want to hear your arguments in favor of unlimited and unquestioned gun rights. I don't care about your obnoxious need to prove to everybody these rights by posting pictures of your ten year old toting a semi automatic like they are some patriot. Spare me your vile BS of how your right to openly carry your semi or fully automatic weapon into Chilli's supersedes mine and my family's right to safety, security and peace of mind.

Simply put: Fuck you.

This nations priorities are so screwed up it is shameful and pathetic. We are freakin prehistoric primal Neanderthals. Here are just a few things that, to these fools is of less priority even though they are in the same Constitution:

Your Right to vote, unimpeded and unquestioned.

That's right. You have to produce an ID to peacefully exercise your constitutional right to vote. You have to REGISTER to vote. In some states you have to choose which party you are going to vote for. In other states if a woman's maiden name has not been updated since her divorce she cannot vote. But these so called patriots and constitutionalists don't want to register to own a gun.  You have to go to a specific place to vote and at a certain time but you can carry your gun anywhere. 


Another constitutional right that is secondary to your right to bear arms is the right to equal civil rights. Look, you don't approve of the rights of people of a different sexual orientation to marry fine, that is your right...I don't approve of your right to flaunt your gun and wave them around my children. We all have equal rights because we are all equal as human beings regardless if we are evolved or created that way.  It is shameful and ridiculous that we are the only major world power having this fight except of course...communists and radical Islamists...some good company we are keeping there America!


The rights of women to have equal pay, and not be discriminated against is also very constitutional. Oh you can twist it and explain it away but it boils down that if they are equal human beings they have equal rights and should get equal compensation. But your guns come first.


There are many other things that, while not explicitly mentioned in the constitution are simple human rights that is simply ridiculous that your right to a gun supersedes them. For example:

The right of my children to go to school safely without your punk ass kid bringing your gun to school and shooting up the place!  I should not have to walk past my child's school and worry and fret that it doesn't look like a maximum security prison!

The right of my children to grow up in a world, a culture, where they do not require the presence of an instrument of death to feel safe.

The simple human right to live a healthy, happy life. The irony of this is that the same idiots that want to carry their semi automatic rifle to Home Depot do not think it is the right of the people whose lives they are endangering with their reckless arrogance to have health insurance to take care of them when you trip on your shoelaces and accidentally set off your weapon.

The simple right of an individual in a supposedly advanced and civilized to have a proper education. You know the old conspiracy theory that keeps going around how President Obama and the liberal communist democrats are orchestrating the school shootings to come after your guns? Try this one on for about gun crazy, religious radicals are orchestrating the school shootings in public schools so as to deprive our children of a real education and force all of us to either homeschool our children or put them in some religious indoctrination center? 

We are so pro gun and so anti education in this country it is terrifying.  What will bring destruction to our country faster than "god being kicked out of school"? How about a bunch of religious radicals going around touting their semi automatic rifles screaming about Alla...oops sorry...God's will and telling us about the dangers of education?


Ours are screwed up. And if priorities determine an individual's future, a society's direction and a nation's destiny...then our destiny, as a collective nation, is to die a violent death in anarchy and chaos...completely devoid of any understanding or vision and completely ignorant and irrelevant.

I am not starting an argument. Simply put I am beyond caring about your opinion because, let's face it, if you made it this far, you care even less about mine. This is me taking a stand and stating how I feel and what I believe.  Does it offend you? I don't give a rat's itty bitty tiny butthole. Unfriend me, don't talk to me, write me off...I am past caring.

I am an adult. At some point in my life I learned a lesson that comes around to some adults when they mature...just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do something. You want your guns? Fine, keep your physiological compensation you dickless wonders...just stop pretending your right to bear arms supersedes my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And yes I could have written this more eloquently and educated...tonight I am just plain angry...hence why I did it on my chose to read with it.



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