Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you still think that Christians can govern unbiased?

This story came out of Alabama and frankly truly upset me.  I face a lot of people that say I unjustly stand against "born again" Christians and the religious right.  I get accused of just grouping people together.  Whenever I make a comment about "Christians" in general I am often called to the floor for it.  Funny thing is that I rarely see anybody stand up to people that make those of us that are secular in our religious views feel like we are second class citizens.  When a Christian group puts up a sign decrying Islam few people say anything, most just nod their head in silent agreement or stand mute in silent permissiveness. And those that say something get muted local coverage while those that oppose the sign placed by atheists get national coverage on national networks for a week's worth of time.  Are there people that oppose the sign below?  Absolutely.  Are there Christians that oppose the sign below?  Of course there are.  But they get muted local coverage while haters like Newt Gingrich get massive coverage nationwide.  It is not equal in any way shape or form.

(sign on I-26 in SC)

However, let an atheist group put up a sign that questions the premise of the Nativity fairy tale and all hell breaks loose across the networks and atheists are reminded in no uncertain terms that they are to mind their place and realize that freedom of speech only applies to you if you are part of the Christian persuasion.  Muslims, atheists and those of other faiths, beliefs or outlooks are not covered in that clause.

(billboard sign in NYC during Christmas)

I have upset some people by saying that I would not and could not vote for people like Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin (beyond her obvious and usually unusual insanity and idiocy) simply because as members of the religious right they would put their faith and their Christian beliefs over the well being and will of the people.  The religious right is firmly set in bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, ethnic and religious prejudices.  It defines them.  Yes there are exceptions.  Yes there are Christians I respect and hold in high esteem.  But they are Christians that the majority of OTHER Christians would reject as liberals.

I live with a woman that is a professing and practicing Christian, but understands that religious beliefs (or lack thereof) is a personal matter that does not affect, for better or for worse, the worth of the person.  My future mother in law and brother in law are the same way and I respect all of them for it.  We discuss, we disagree and we still discuss and respect each other.  But overall they are the exception rather than the rule.  

Coming out of Alabama is the story that brought on this blog this morning.  New governor Robert Bentley in a statement on his inauguration day  made it clear who he considers family, whom he holds in respect and who is not on his list and what they need to do to be on that list.  He stands, again, as proof of what I have said all along, the more intense, dedicated and committed to church, faith, religion and the Bible a person is the less qualified they are to govern.  I am not saying that Christians cannot govern, that would be as simple minded and prejudiced as the Christian right  I simply believe that the more dedicated a person becomes to their faith the more they will have to choose if they want to lead or be missionaries.  In this country you cannot be both.  Simple as that.  Your faith is YOUR faith and YOURS alone.  

With as much respect as I can muster for Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and others like them...this is NOT just a Christian nation.  We are a nation of different faiths, different views and different ideologies and while the rest of us may be going to hell (according to your faith) we are not there yet so you will just have to realize the reality of the fact and learn that it is liberty and justice for all...not just Christians, not just your brothers and sisters....but rather ALL.



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