Saturday, August 7, 2010

Most Republicans, Weekly Churchgoers Anti-Gay Marriage

Link: Most Republicans, Weekly Churchgoers Anti-Gay Marriage

In my previous blog I had argued that the more dedicated a person is to their church the more likely they would be intolerant, particularly on the subject of gay marriage.  I also argued that age, region of the country and political affiliation would affect this spirit of homophobia.  I mentioned that I wished a poll would be made to prove this by the numbers.  Well... Gallup heard my plea for help and the above link reinforces that thought.  I know that it is at this point where I will hear the argument that you can make any numbers mean anything you want to...but I for one at least feel somewhat vindicated in my argument.

Opposed or In Favor (Nationally)?

Opposed 57% / In Favor 40%

By Party:

Opposed 80% / In Favor 20%

Opposed 42% / In Favor 55%

Opposed 52% / In Favor 45%

By Age: 

In Favor: 59% / Opposed 37%

In Favor 40% / Opposed 57%

In Favor 37% / opposed 61%

In Favor 25% / Opposed 71%

By Region:

East Coast
Opposed 50% / In Favor 47%

West Coast :
Opposed 50% / In Favor 46%

Opposed 56% / In Favor 41%

Opposed 68% / In Favor 31%

By Church Attendance:

Opposed 78% / 19%

Nearly Weekly
Opposed 57% / 39%

Seldom / Never
Opposed 40% / 59%

The point is simply its very nature church and religion are homophobic and bigoted...especially when it comes to issues like gay marriage.  Here is another significant poll done by Gallup when it comes people's views on gay marriages.  At least one promising poll indicates some hope that our homophobic society will learn some level of tolerance and come to the realization that discrimination of any kind should not be allowed or tolerated.



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