Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty Woman

So there seems to be something going around the last couple of days about eye candy. To my knowledge at least two bloggers I follow (the love of my life, Mandy and Kimmy , have written a blog about men they consider eye candy. Well...guys are not exactly my cup of tea so I really couldn't comment on any of them but it did get me in a little bit of discussion with Mandy and I began thinking well, hell, who would be my top five (non porn star) women? (yeah yeah...come on...no sense playing innocent here! Nobody would buy it anyway!)

Now I specify non-porn because face it guys we all go gaga over a woman that gives it up and at least pretends to enjoy it, right? But it goes without saying that there is more to a woman (and to a man for that matter) then just looks...all though...looks go a long way no doubt. So I got to thinking of actresses that have played roles consistently that impress me. You know, we often see what we like in a woman when we watch the roles played out in different movies. So what attracts me to a woman? Well after much thought I narrowed it down to the following five in no particular order.

1. Rachel McAdams
Now this gal is just smoking hot! Her eyes are captivating. She has a strong personality which I love in a woman, but a soft side. Now I understand that these are traits she could just be acting out but if she is just acting she acts well. In "Red Eye" she was strong under pressure but sensitive and soft and absolutely brilliant. In "Sherlock Holmes" She was brilliant as the witty, intelligent Irene that could out wit even the incredible Mr. Holmes. She has a smile to die for and a body...*drools*. I could not bring myself to finish "Time Traveller's Wife" (even for sweet Rachel) but there was this one shot...damn...that is all I can say and not offend the ladies. Suffice it to say you hate see her leave..but love to watch her go!

2. Angelina Jolie

Ok...so I will say the obvious thing first guys...and we all know we have thought it..those lips...belong only one place...yeah...you thought it...and you know you thought it long before you read it here! Angelina has a touch of the mysterious that gets to all of us. She has had A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E as in the "Tomb Raider" films and has been a little bit of everything. She is sultry and hot. Remember "Taking Lives"? Where Angelina dearest was determined to show everybody everything she had? Yeah...smoking.

3. Sophia Loren

When it comes to class...Sophia takes the cake. This woman is one of the sexiest and classiest women in the history of Hollywood. Plus...she is a red head! I am a sucker for redheads (my turn to *ahem* at Mandy!) Sophia had this accent that would make you drool and even when she was doing comedy, as in "Grumpier Old Men" she managed to make it classy DESPITE the fact that she was sharing the screen with...well...two grumpy old men. (Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon)

4. Amanda Tapping

Gentlemen...Salute! I have always been a big fan of Amanda Tapping as Captain Carter from SG-1. She is extremely intelligent, something I admire and respect in a woman. She is also pretty sexy. She also does a great job in "Sanctuary"...all though...she is a much hotter blonde than brunnette. My attraction to Amanda Tapping has always been because of Captain Carter I know, and therefore may not be entirely fair to her since I don't know exactly where Ms. Tapping's I.Q. is actually at...besides...what guy in his right mind wouldn't mind Tapping that ass every night! (yeah I know corny...but it works..)

5. Catherine Zeta Jones

I have always been a big fan of Catherine, especially since her days in the Zorro movies. She also has that mysterious look to her, has a strong personality and has a lot of class. I used to have a hard time choosing between her and Salma Hayek...but in the end...class wins out. Catherine is just gorgeous all the way around.

So what do I find attractive in a woman? Intelligence, wit, a strong spirit but a soft heart. A woman with the gumption to stand but the softness to lean on me. A woman with class. And a red head helps. That being said...Mandy most definitely fits the bill...I am a lucky man!

Ok..there they are...five of the sexiest women alive...at least in my book. And in tribute to the lovely ladies...a song...


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sophia Loren deserves a lifetime award for unbeatable beauty.

Darkwulfe said...

Agreed! She truly is a classic beauty, unparralled since her time in BOTh class and beauty.


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