Thursday, May 13, 2010

GOP prime candidate for Supreme Court Justice

Well the President has chosen his Supreme Court justice nominee. Immediately the conservatives that have hijacked the GOP had to scream their absolute insane dribble. I have made myself a promise to attempt to cut down on my profanity so just (insert the profanity of your choice here)!!! Rumors about her sexual orientation, opinion of gay rights and abortion...all the usual verbal regurgitation of GOP and conservative sexual repressed emotions. Just like the divorced Governor of South Carolina meeting with his Argentinian girlfriend is big news to the prudes that kneel and accept communion from the blood stained hands of pedophiles. Once always comes back to sex for these guys.

Anyway. It appears that a woman cannot be justice because she would be too conscious of the rights of women. A minority cannot be a justice because a minority would be too conscious of the rights of minorities. A gay person cannot be a justice because they would be too conscious of the rights of the gay and lesbian community. At this rate only a white male can be completely qualified for the position of Supreme Court Justice.

I kept researching, trying to find somebody the GOP would readily confirm without a fight so as to pass this information on to the know...trying to help him out and all...after much research I finally found him! all actuality BOTH qualify...a White Male that is large and in charge...or a bombshell blonde that knows her place...

And of course, must be willing to pass it on to their children.


Mandy said...

OMG..."a bombshell blonde that knows her place"?? Really, honey? Really??

Oh, you are so lucky I know you...

Bwahahaha...very funny.

Darkwulfe said...

Hey! I didn't say it is how I think or feel...I said this is the kind of candidate needed for the GOP to confirm without a fight! lol


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