Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"How is Arizona wrong exactly?"

This was the question I was asked on Twitter when I was on my rant about Arizona and this ridiculous hate law that they signed and is being touted and the "strongest immigration law" in the country. Make no mistake this law is horrendous and is one of the worst laws I have seen passed in this country in a very long time. It is a violation of civil rights, it promotes racism and harassment of American citizens and violates some basic tenants of our society and of the Constitution. I would go so far as to say this is the biggest violation of basic civil and constitutional rights since the Patriot Act from the Bush Regime.

Before I continue let me get the emotional crap out of the way because I won't lie I am severely worked up, insulted and over all ashamed that these ass wipes have the temerity to even call themselves Americans. I do not acknowledge these racist pigs as my Brothers and I spit on them and their very existence...pure and simple. So just a few "emotional" points to be made BEFORE I get into the meat of my blog.

(1) This is the exact type of BULLSHIT, swine vomit and weasel piss I would expect from a state held hostage by the fucking teabaggers. This is a law that puts personal interest of racist white supremacist above the interests of Americans. The Constitution means nothing to Tea Party "Patriots". The American Flag means nothing to them. I will go as far (in my anger) to say that these racists pigs have turned the American Flag into their own Swastika. They use it as their symbol of racism, because REAL Americans are just like them...or they don't belong here. I would expect this law from people that protest holding card board signs that say "This sign is the brownest thing on this entire block".

(2) The Tea Party ass wipes want to complain about the power of government and an intrusive government but are willing to support, even demand the GOP Governor of Arizona to sign a law that pushes Arizona closer to a police state than any law since the Patriot Act. They are hypocritical, they are full of hate and racism and they full of fucking horse shit.

(3) I am an American. Don't you dare read this article and say, "Oh you must be a greaser wetback." First, I am Puerto Rican, not Mexican (not that I have a problem with Mexicans. I simply despise people's attitude that we are all the same.) Second, I am a proud American Citizen, born American from American parents. I just happen to be Hispanic by the luck of the draw, not something I am ashamed of or bothered by, but nonetheless it is who and what I am. My family is a military family. My Dad served in the US Army. My brother served in the USMC with distinction. A decorated and injured in combat veteran, he served this country with honor and distinction. I tried to join the military but due to health problems was rejected. What I am saying is don't you fucking question my loyalty to my Country! I love this country.

(4) I firmly believe that SOMETHING needs to be done about the illegal immigration problem. I believe some of the sacks of shits coming from ALL OVER THE WORLD need to be culled and shipped back to their country of origins. 9/11 is a perfect example of us allowing the wrong people in this country (for the record, if you think this law is good becuase of 9/11 I would remind you the perpertrators of 9/11 came from accross the OTHER border...Canada NOT Mexico!). Studies of crime rates indicate a percentage of crimes that simply would not be happening without these unwanted aliens here. I firmly believe much of this stupid law is about trying to force the government's hand to do something about immigration, but what the hell? What do they think will be accomplished? Right now the GOP is on a personal vendetta to end and obstruct any legislation that the President might put forth or that Democrats are remotely in favor of. The Party of No is nothing but a bunch of sacks of shit that couldn't care about what happens in this country as long as they keep every single legislation from happening. Congress taking up immigration reform right now would be a waste of time since the Rethuglicans would have to block it just to keep up with their party's legislative agenda.

Now...having said all that I will try to answer more specifically, the title question of this blog post...How is Arizona Exactly Wrong?

(1) This is an "illegal Mexican" not "illegal immigrant" law

Let's face it...This law is NOT about illegal immigrants. This law is about illegal Mexicans. In one breath they talk about the police stopping anybody they "suspect" of being illegal and in the next talk about the Mexico-Arizona border and then they try to convince us that this is all about the safety of our country and is NOT going to be about race. I cry BULLSHIT! This law is specifically designed to deal with the very real problem of illegal immigrants from South American countries, specifically of HISPANIC/LATINO decent. That being said it is equally self evident that this law is specifically designed for a specific racial decent. As such it is inherently designed and inescapably structured to allow and even promote racial profiling. There is no escaping this fact, no matter how the GOP wants to label this pile of horse shit.

(2) This is a racial profiling hell in the making

You may read this and shake your head and say that I am just playing the race card. That is very easy for you to say if you have never been mistreated for being Hispanic. I have lived for many years in the State of Georgia. A State where we do NOT have ridiculous laws such as this blatant insult that Arizona has just passed and I have REPEATEDLY been racially profiled by people and by law enforcement in this state. I have had my citizenship questioned for no other reason than my name is Julio and my skin is darker than theirs. So until you have been there you cannot and will not understand what I am talking about and your opinion means less than pigeon shit to me!

By passing a law that is unequivocally directed at a race of people, they have set this country back in time in regards to civil rights. Simply put, there is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problem, but it is not just Latino immigrants. How will they have "reasonable suspicion" of a Canadian that is here illegally? Australian? Russian? British? Without a little Spanish and dark skin and obvious Latino features, how will they have "reasonable suspicion"? The answer? They won't! Simple as that. That is because you cannot just look at an individual and magically have a "feeling" that they are here illegally. The weak argument that this law prohibits it be based on nationality is bullshit. The simple truth is that there is no other way to "suspect" somebody that has not committed a crime or misdemeanor of some sort without basing that suspicion on race and/or language and culture.

(3) This law makes Americans of Hispanic descent feel unsafe in their own country

I will not cross the state line in to Arizona or any other State that passes this law. Simple as that. I do not feel safe in a state where just because I am standing on the street corner talking in Spanish I might become a "suspect" that would justify some Barney Fife to harass me based solely on my race and language. YES. I do speak English fluently. I speak English without even a trace of a Spanish accent. I also speak Spanish fluently. I am privileged to be bilingual. We are fast reaching a point where a group of white supremacist racist asswipes can, since they cannot outlaw me speaking Spanish, will make it to where I am afraid to do so for fear that a gun toting punk with a badge can harass me for daring to be different. If this law continues to spread to other States, and reaches the State in which I reside, I fear that the law enforcement will merely become an arm of the INS and my safety, and the safety of my property and of my family will suffer as a result.

(4) This puts judicial power in the hands of idiots

The Arizona lawmakers are naive. They state that they trust their law enforcement officers to be responsible and to follow what they consider the "spirit" of this law and not use it based on race. In my immediate family of four, my brother and my parents and myself, each of us can give at least two detailed stories of police harassment and racial profiling in the last 15 years. That is 8 cases in just one family. And THAT is in a state where the police officers are not protected by nebulous law that does not define any parameters at all other than a very vague provision that it cannot be based solely on race or nationality. You mean to tell me some tobacco chewing dumbass redneck that hates "damn wetbacks" and suddenly got his badge and gun and thinks he is the poster boy for the Texas Rangers with express blessing of the Patron Saint of the Texas Rangers, Chuck Norris, is going to have the intelligence and responsibility to be able to follow the "spirit" of this law? I would argue that indeed they WILL follow the "spirit" of this law...a spirit of hate, racism and divisive prejudice.

(5) This begins the deterioration of Arizona (and any states that follow) into a police state.

When a police officer pulls me over for speeding he is within his right and responsibility to ask for three things: Driver's License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance (in a State that requires car insurance). These are tools related to the infraction...my citizenship status has absolutely NOTHING to do with my speeding or trying to get by that yellow light. Up until now, documents such as birth certificate (which I have misplaced long ago), passport and other sensitive documents most people keep in a safe deposit box, have not been necessary. How will a police officer determine if a person's social security card is valid? How will he determine if a person that comes from, let's say Tennessee where you do not have to be a citizen or legal resident to get a driver's license, is here legally or not? What documentation would I have to show to some jack ass, that typically I would have to show only in a court of law, to prove what I should NEVER have to prove in the first place...that I am a proud citizen of the United States of America?

You may ask...well what is the big deal if you have to prove you are a citizen? Simply put this, I am a citizen of the United States of America. I enjoy the EXACT same rights you do as WHITE American citizen. You enjoy the right, one you deserve, to not be unduly harassed or inconvenienced by law enforcement. You have the right to a court of law, and certain issues (such as your citizenship, which would not be questioned because you "look and sound" American, whatever that means) are specifically challenged and proven in a court of law. These are rights YOU have as a WHITE American citizen. Up until this last Friday I, as an American citizen that just happens to be Hispanic, had them as well.

P.S. I would recommend you read on the Gestapo tactics in Nazi Germany. Where Jews were required to carry their documents with them. Just food for thought. And how long before we have to start sewing gold corn burritos or a big H on our jackets to better identify ourselves in the police state these asswipes are promoting. And to my WHITE American brethern consider this...you think this is a good idea...what will yo uthink when the offcers are not responding to calls for roberries, murders and car wrecks because they are too busy playing INS?

I have rarely ever straight up asked for comments, but this blog is VERY emotional for me..your opinion would be interesting and I would invite debate. I also NEVER ask for people to pass this on...but I do ask...if you agree with me...please pass this on...I want people to know there are American Citizens that feel endangered by this law and by the facts that other states are considering it as well. Thank you!


Major Bedhead said...

*applauding* Excellent post.

Mandy said...

I just do NOT understand how the lawmakers in Arizona (and elsewhere) cannot see the issues with this law. It is so obvious. How can they not see the violence this type of law incites? They are blatantly creating problems, not solving them.

Well said and I am sure there is so much more to come...

Jetsa said...

I have nothing to add. This is excellent and the same points I've made about this law. And I do believe that illegal immigrants are a problem and I by no means advocate "crossing the border". But this should be called the anti-Latino law instead.

Anonymous said...

I too agree the law is wrong.
A comical note to add to this blog:
When discussing this topic at work, it was mentioned that reason the "white" Americans are "going after" the Hispanic Americans, is because they feel threatend. "We 'white' Americans are becoming the minority in this country, while the rest of the races take over" (food for thought :) hmmmm)

Anonymous said...

Hey Darkwulfe... was pointed your direction by Waiting for the Click's, Leslee Horner.

I'm pretty angry about it,too. I posted a link on FB showing how the Arizona governor had signed the bill. I sarcastically said, "please please PLEASE may Texas follow the lead of Arizona." and of all people, my white brother-inlaw, who is married to my Mexican sister begins stating how he's glad "...someone has taken a position." And "... I'm overjoyed to see a gun-slinging, tank driving "Maverick" put the foot down even if on a few too many toes."

I wanted to choke the friggin' life out of him.

Turns out someone wants to try and bring this law closer to Georgia brother. Probably won't pass but apparently some Texas representative want us to follow in the footsteps of the most racist state in the nation.


Darkwulfe said...


Mandy-I agree...I am scared and offended at the amount of people that agree with this.

Jetsa-We so need to get this message out. This IS an anti-Latino law.

Anonymous-I always find this argument interesting. Does that mean that the "white" community fears finding itself being treated like it has treated minorities for a couple of centuries?

Luke-Thanks for coming by! I agree...it is terrifying how this might spread. It is quickly becoming a mission for me...and I hope more people will join it.

Dinah Bee Menil said...

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