Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas David and Sean Goldman!

I have to tell you this makes me happy! I Have been watching this case recently and as a single father have been very angry with the family that kept this man from his child. That the mother abducted the child is besides the point. The argument could be made that she did what she had to do to be both happy and keep her child. While I don't agree with what she did in any way shape or form but I can somewhat grudgingly understand where she was coming from.

But my understanding ends at that point! When she died that child has only ONE parent left in the world! And it is that child's right and that parent's right that the child be with that parent unless there is some legitimate reason why the child should not. Now this is particularly a touchy subject with me because I am a single parent. My ex wife left the country, abandoning her 3 year old daughter and I and moving on with her life in the country she came from.

Since she left I have recieved sporadic emails, no phone calls and no letters, presents, gifts, cards or involvement of any kind. If anything happens to me I will see to it that if I am gone that my child is not left to the whims of such a person...and that is can hate me if you want to...My daughter comes first and foremost...and I am responsible to care for her whether I am dead or alive!

But in this case David Goldman seems to be a real great guy and a caring father. The family could present no proof that the child would be in any danger from being with him, and as best as we can tell, David Goldman seems to be a real nice guy and responsible and caring dad.

The family in Brazil was wrong, the courts in Brazil were wrong and it is obvious that the decisions made in those courts were biased to the brazilian family instead of justice and what is right and even what is reasonable. They had no custodial claim to the child and they would be lucky to ever see the child again if it were me! Again, Mr. Goldman shows possibly more character than I in promising to allow them to visit the boy, but he would be naive to allow for unsupervised visits...I wouldn't let my son out of My sight with these people!

I also can't help but wonder if the financial aid in tarrif tax breaks that was put on hold in Congress till this was resolved and the possible threat of the US State Department issuing a travel advisory to any parents travelling to Brazil when the country is trying to vamp up for the Olympics had anything to do with them doing the right thing...

There are many cases such as this one and I have determined that in the upcoming year I am going to become more informed about cases such as this. But for one Christmas morning for one family it turned out right...and I congratulate you Mr Goldman and wish you and your son a well deserved Merry Christmas!



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