Monday, October 13, 2008

would the real "Fair and Balanced" please stand up?

So I am sitting at the restaraunt, a nice little chinese all you can buffet place and the tv is on...and it is Fox News on all tvs...fair and balanced as they claim. At home it was CNN...also claiming to be fair and balanced....MSNBC...well they quit claiming that a long time ago. On this show I saw the same distortions and lies that have been proven inaccurate by non partisan fact checking organizations across the country.

For a long time I was an undecided voter. But to be honest I was SOOOOO not interested in hearing what the media had to say with all of their "He said" "She said" bullshit. Then two things happened. First my Brother (Who is a die hard republican) told me that I was NOT an undecided voter, I was an uneducated (and stupid) voter. Second, McCain selected Palin as his running mate and that was the straw that broke the camel's back and I am decidedly an Obama-Biden supporter. But I still try to maintain an open mind. So I have tried to find a balance so I can find the facts. So...My computer has three websites saved... , and . On my phone I have AP news updates. I try to find the balance of information so that I can make an informed decision.

The problem is simple....none of them are actually fair and balanced. Sure Fox has their Colmbes...but let's face it...are any of us remotely fooled by that? Colmbes is their token liberal that they can mock and make fun of and play the doofus to Hannity's intelligent right sniper rifle. CNN for years was joked about being the "Clinton News Network" and frankly they haven't changed much. They are still inclined to the liberal side of things and their interpretation of the news will always lean left. MSNBC? Well they are just a joke and have left any semblance of being balanced and fair a LONG time ago.

So the problem is still much like the catch line of the X Files....the truth is out there...somewhere...and usually somewhere in the middle. I have come to realize that when all the "noise" is removed you really have to find the truth for yourself. Piece together the "facts" given to you by the "fair and balance" media...and then try your best to find the truth in the middle. No...Obama is not a terrorist...yes...McCain has served our country well...and that is just to grab the broadest of strokes.

Some of this just takes some common sense....for instance..the implication that Obama was a terrorist because he "pals around with terrorists". Come stupid do they think we are? Are we to hold such little faith in our system as to think a man could become the leading contender for the position of being the leader of the free world and nobody would have happened to discover if he was a terrorist or no?

In many cases (as was my case) an undecided voter is more often than not an unedcated (not stupid...ok maybe a little lol) voter. They have not taken the time to do the necessary research...they are not interested in watching the debates or the rallies on TV. They don't really want to watch the news either, and frankly you cant blame them. What I wish ... and it is just that...and empty wish...I wish we had news not spin...facts not actual fair and balanced presentation of what we need to know.

The flip side of this is the fact that we actually need the media. I don't know about you but I don't get cc on the President's email. I don't get a daily update from Congress on what they did during the day. I don't get a report on who voted for what, and who in office did what crummy behavior. This became a lesson I learned through out W's terms as President.

I remember when he first came in. Back then I was a staunch Republican and firmly entrenched in the conservative base of the Radical Religious Right. I remember thinking how funny it was how he stonewalled the media, sometimes deliberately looking dumb to them and flat out refusing to give them the information. Serves that dang liberal leftist communistic pagan ungodly immoral socialistic heathenistic bunch of busy bodies right!?!?!?!? Well, there is a rub to that. The President has put this nation on a "need to know" basis...and far as he is concerned we don't need to know! Well I disagree! If you want to send my tax dollars around the world while our economy is going to pits, if you want to send our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, husbands and wives and friends and family to lay their lives on the line then dammit I have a right to know!

Now Sarah Palin...have you noticed I REALLYYYYYYY don't like this woman? and it is not because she is a woman, it is because she is a Barbie doll airhead with a automatic weapon and the venom of Matilda the Hun. If the actuary tables stay true, and McCain lasts 6 months in office before dying of a heart attack, the thought of this woman with her finger on the trigger of the greatest military in the world keeps me up at night with nightmares of the end of the world!!!!...but I digress. Now Sarah Palin feeds off of this "outsider" persona that has a chip on her shoulder about the "liberal media". Her fans that attend her rally have no problem dissing the "liberal media". She locks them out of her rallies saying they only write negative things. Well...I have news for you Palin and all your is the only media we have. And when you distort and obstruct the freedom of the press then you cut off our means of information. Oh I have learned this lesson the hard way after eight years of W. We may not approve of everything they say, we may detest the leftist CNN and the right wing Fox News...but pal...they are all we have..and by God we need them!!!!

Stonewalling them is not cool, refusing to talk to them is not cute it is cheating the American people of the information we need to decide. The "folksy" people want to talk about the "socialism" that Obama will bring to the country. Well lets talk about how the communist party controlled the media. Lets talk about how they squelched and stonewalled any freedom of the press. And next time they are in their little rallies let us watch how the Bolshivecks stonewall the only means of information we have at our disposal. Disagree with me if you like....the soldiers, men and women in uniform, are not the only protectors of our freedom. Knowledge and information are the doors that must be kept open to maitain our freedom, and the men and women in the news corp are the ones that keep that door open. So yes Palin, I do hope the protestors thank the veterns for their freedom to protest (btw..just as another one of My digressions...what exactly did she mean by that little comment? Would she like to see that freedom removed? hell I don't know) I hope she thanks the same veterns for protecting our freedom of Press next time she is on her stump spouting her usual venom.


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