Monday, October 6, 2008

Airing the Dirty Underwear

So the dirty underwear is out for all the country to see. Obama had the NERVE to be on the same panels for educational objectives in community political initiatives, AND dared to live in the same neighborhood (*gasp*) as a former terrorist! And you do know his name is Muslim right???? I mean, his dad was a Muslim, that should of course make him one too…and all those terrorist connections you can make while a kindergarten student should really be a concern. Now if he would just change his name to…oh I don’t know…Joe Sixpack (sounds pretty good to me) then maybe we can wave the flag again.

So let’s talk about dirty underwear shall we?

How about Sarah Palin’s “Alaska investigation granny panties”? Yeah, you know…the investigation going on in Alaska about abuse of power? The one that she said she would cooperate with UNTIL she became the Republican vice-presidential candidate and now is too political. The one where her husband and her aids refuse to even acknowledge the subpoenas? Care to talk about affiliation with criminals? It is political. Sure it is. When you take public office, every decision you make, every move you make is political and has potential to bite you in the ass. And sure the opposition is salivating at the chance to show her up to be one that abuses power. But seriously, after her display in the vp debate, where she advocated a wider role and more power for the vice president, are any of us really surprised?

So in this investigation we have a state trooper that uses his power and his strength and his law enforcement equipment (tazer) in a criminal manner to abuse the Governor’s sister during a (obviously!) very ugly divorce. I get that! Hey family is family! I say stick up for family and I say protect your family. I am ok with it up to this point. So Governor Palin then proceeds to use her position to protect her family and orders the Public Safety Commissioner to fire her brother in law. While not totally above board, ok…I can see this happening. It may not be totally right, but hey we all love our family and would use whatever means necessary to protect our family. Now here is where things get cloudy (hence an investigation). The Public Safety Commissioner apparently did not follow Governor Palin’s orders fast enough (since an investigation appears to have been going on) and did not fire the tyrannical and criminal brother-in-law. So next step was fire the Public Safety Commissioner (or so he claims…hey! Innocent till proven guilty! That is what an investigation is for!) If he is right, then I have a problem with that. It is an abuse of power, simple and straight forward.

Where this little episode gets ugly is that now she is in the spot light. And if you and I were up for a promotion, the system would not care, an investigation in any wrong doing would continue. But see? That is for Joe Sixpack….not the Governor of a state and the Vice President candidate of a major party. The rules apply to Joe Sixpack, not Sarah Palin. Because she is now in a political situation it is no longer required to follow the rules and obey the law. Rules? Law? Hell….that is for Joe Sixpack! A subpoena has nothing to do with political affiliation. A subpoena is an order from our judicial system that requires immediate and prompt obedience…that is what law abiding citizens do…oh but wait….that doesn’t apply to politicians! Politicians can choose what they want to obey when it comes to the law, and make multiple excuses that the media can regurgitate justifying their violations. (Case in point: Bill Clinton and his lying under oath.)

Ok…let’s talk about McCain’s “Charles Keating skid row briefs” for a moment. McCain made a mistake back then…I understand that. He was a young Senator, and he was drawn into something that reflected, according to the investigation, “bad judgment”. Did he do criminal activity? probably not, not that we would know the difference anyhow. But the question is not if he did criminal activity. Just like the question is not whether Obama had anything to do with the Weatherman bombings….he was after all eight…no, the question is one of judgment. The McCain campaign questions Obama’s judgment in his affiliations because he worked on the same panel with a reformed terrorist and lived in the same neighborhood, and even attended a fund raiser at Ayers house….all except the fund raiser can be explained as simple necessity due to community activity. The fund raiser can be chalked up to local politics…but for the Republican’s sake lets be nice and chalk it up to bad judgment…bad judgment reflected in affiliation…McCain/Charles Keating?

All I have to say is…before you start airing other people’s underwear…wipe your own ass!



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